Professor Roxanne Zolin


Dr Roxanne Zolin has made significant contributions to industry, academia and communities and across international borders. 

She has held senior leadership positions in major companies in the USA and Australia - including Marketing Manager for Fischer-Price Toys and National Marketing Manager for Myers Stores, Australia.

Roxanne has started and run her own companies, including Marketing Visions and Executive Information Services, Pty Ltd, which built highly regarded business simulations such as the Factory MicroWorld and MicroMoney, to help nascent entrepreneurs learn business management.

Roxanne is currently running her own property development business in Queensland. Since 2010, Roxanne has been a highly active promoting and teaching entrepreneurship in developing African Nations, such as the Congo and Kenya. She has developed programs committed to addressing the inadvertent cycles of poverty and dependence caused by the financial remittances sent by the majority of expatriate Congolese to their families and communities in the Congo.

Roxanne completed her doctorate at Stanford, where she also holds a Masters in Sociology. In addition Roxanne has a an Master of Business (Marketing) from Monash University, Melbourne, and a Bachelor of Business (Management) from Queensland Institute of Technology.

Roxanne's research focuses on entrepreneurial success of Women, Migrants, Seniors and developing nations, project management success and trust in virtual teams. 

Roxanne is Editor in Chief for the Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division’s NewsBlast.

Roxanne has been highly successful in attracting over $1,500.000 in research grants, including a prestigious Australian Research Council grant.   She has won many awards, including three Sales Promotion Association Awards for Best Small Budget Award, Best Financial Services Award and their Grand Prix Award for best promotion of the year.

Publications and Presentations

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