GSGL - Ghana

Graduate School of Governance and Leadership (GSGL), a graduate division of Almond Institute, is one of the leading graduate schools in Ghana. Founded in 2009, GSGL is fully accredited by the National Accreditation Board of Ghana.
Located in one of the fastest growing affluent districts in Accra known as the 'Spintex Road', GSGL has over 10,000 graduates, which include leading political figures such as cabinet ministers, former and current ministers and parliamentarians, metropolitan, municipal and district chief executives, CEOs from both public and private organisations and managers of all levels.
GSGL is an innovative institution of higher education offering academic, professional, executive education and career-progression courses designed to provide students with a range of analytical, strategic and leadership skills to prepare them for increasingly competitive careers in business management in the corporate and public sectors.
Programmes delivered at GSGL include Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration from KNUST and Postgraduate Diploma in Management from ICM.
The GSGL campus is situated five minutes away from Tema, Ghana's main harbor city and hub for multinational companies in Ghana. The GSGL campus, graded 'A' by the National Accreditation Board, houses 13 air-conditioned classrooms, two conference rooms, catering facilities and a fully functional library.
As a student of AIB and GSGL, you will be able to take advantage of the free access to an extensive online library (EBSCOhost) as well as comprehensive complimentary course materials for each subject.
GSGL and AIB's dedicated academic and operational staff will be with you every step of the way while you are undertaking your MBA.
For more information, including about the MBA, please refer to the Information for Students page.