To be a global leader in practical business education and research.

Mission Statement

To deliver life changing experiences.


We believe in upholding the integrity of education

We know that our status is a privilege and not a right. We are always honest, ethical and guided by strong moral principles.

We believe that the student comes first

Above all, we exist to change the lives of our students.

We value strategic thinking

We are not interested in quick wins. We are in it for the long haul. We will not compromise on our vision for short term success.

We value innovation

We are a high growth institution that has always done things differently. We value out of the square thinking, innovative ideas, and new creative approaches that have the potential to change the world.

We believe in ownership and accountability

In order to achieve the organisations goals, we each have a role to play. We are responsible for delivering to the expectation of our roles and must hold each other accountable to this.

We value outcomes

Although we value effort, we don’t think that ‘trying’ is enough. We value the actual achievement of results.

We believe in building life-long relationships

We know that long-term relationships with all stakeholders are key to AIB’s long-term sustained success.

We value team spirit

Changing the lives of students all over the world can only be achieved with a huge team effort.

We believe in fun and recognition

We are on a long journey together. We must constantly celebrate small wins along the way, and more importantly enjoy the journey.