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Why Canadians Choose AIB

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With so many quality business schools around the world, students are spoilt for choice when it comes to their education. This increase in options permits students to be more selective, choosing their programme and provider based on specific factors that best suit their needs. With the rise of online education, more and more students are seeking international education providers for programmes such as the Master of Business Administration (MBA). The AIB student community in Canada has grown significantly in recent years, thanks to its tailored approach to working adults, applicability to the workplace and accessibility. While most Canadian AIB students reside in Alberta and Ontario, the accessibility of the programme permits study anywhere in Canada, with students also in British Columbia, Quebec, Manitoba and more. There are several key factors which contribute to the popularity of The AIB Agile MBA in Canada, which we explore in detail below.

Accredited in Canada and recognized globally

Accreditation is an important factor to consider when weighing up study options, as it’s an endorsement that validates the competence, credibility and integrity of an institution and the programmes they offer.

The Agile MBA is accredited in Canada by the National Centre for Management Accreditation (NCMA) of the Canadian Institute of Management (CIM). Established in 1942, the Canadian Institute of Management (also referred to as CIM Chartered Managers Canada) is a professional association, certification body and academic institute for managers and leaders in Canada. It is a Federally Chartered not-for-profit organization that operates through 16 chapters across Canada and has provided management development and certification to over 80,000 managers since its founding. In addition to this local accreditation, AIB is a member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Canada’s largest business association.

In Australia, AIB is registered by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) and its programmes are accredited within the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). While TEQSA is an Australian body, it is recognized globally by both government and industry. AIB also holds a range of memberships with some of the world’s most recognizable international bodies, including AMBA's Development Network, AACSB and ACBSP. View the full list here.

With these credentials, Canadian students embark on their AIB studies with the assurance that their MBA will be recognized by employers and other educational institutions not only in Canada, but around the world.

Students achieve real career outcomes

While some students embark on the MBA journey with a specific career goal in mind, others pursue it to find a new career path. Regardless of intentions coming into the programme, everyone wants the MBA to deliver real career outcomes and growth for them. To learn about the professional benefits and career impact the MBA has had, AIB recently surveyed its Canadian students and alumni, with extremely positive results.

Within just the first three months after graduation, 22% of Canadian alumni respondents had received a salary increase. A huge 38.6% of alumni had changed job function since starting the MBA with AIB and 15.9% changed industries, demonstrating the value of the MBA experience and its reputation amongst employers. Since commencing the MBA, 20.5% of Canadian alumni launched a start-up or acquired an existing business, with the knowledge gained from the MBA helping them to do so.  

All of the survey findings were compiled into the AIB Canadian Students and Alumni Insights Report which can be viewed here.

The flexibility to study when and where you like

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Canadians worked an average of 1703 hours each in 2016, and this is expected to rise. Many of our Canadian students highlight that due to long working hours, increased flexibility is a key factor when it comes to their ability to pursue higher education. With AIB’s 100% online MBA, students can study when and where they want, no matter the time zone or day of the week.

Canadian AIB graduate Julia Peemoeller shared why this flexibility was a must for her, “I was keen to choose AIB because I can complete the programme at my own pace. AIB gives me the flexibility to fit my studies around my work and family needs, as I can study where and when it suits me.” This level of flexibility permits students to continue working full time while balancing personal and professional commitments with study.

Local events and international networking opportunities

To facilitate local networking opportunities for the AIB student community, AIB hosts events in Canada’s major cities each year. These events include guest presentations from local leaders and networking sessions for students and alumni to meet and mingle. AIB Canadian students also engage in localized online study communities on Facebook and LinkedIn, where they provide peer support, discuss their subjects and share career opportunities.

Of course, Canadian students are not only limited to the AIB community in their country, and can connect with others globally via the interactive classrooms and online study communities. Today, the AIB community boasts students and alumni from more than 90 countries, hailing from some of the world’s largest organizations.

A practical approach to learning

To enhance the practical learning experience for students, AIB’s industry partnership initiative has launched in Canada, with local business leaders and organizations partnering with AIB to enrich the MBA curriculum with homegrown practical business insights. These leaders partner with AIB as Industry Guest Lecturers, reflecting on their professional experiences to help bring the MBA theory to life. The suite of Industry Guest Lecturers includes, but is not limited to, Dr. Matthew Jelavic, President and CEO of CIM Chartered Managers Canada; Andy Robling, Vice President of Client Development at Hays Canada; and Daryl Maduke, International Tax Partner at BDO Canada.

Before finance professional Yasin Khalid chose AIB for his MBA, he considered over 15 other providers across the UK, US and Canada. Through its practical learning approach, AIB offered a qualification that would allow him to reflect his professional experience in the programme theory, equipping him with the knowledge to improve outcomes in the workplace while studying. “When I was only a few subjects into the programme, my work was already attracting the attention of senior managers, who were keen to see how my newfound knowledge will benefit the company,” Yasin explained. As learnings can be applied right away at work, many students like Yasin gain credibility in the workplace as they study.

Accessible entry criteria with no GMAT

Due to the holistic nature of its MBA, AIB boasts students from a variety of backgrounds, roles and organizations. In Canada alone, there are students hailing from companies such as Canada Post, IBM, World Vision Canada, HSBC, Barrick Gold Corporation and the Royal Bank of Canada. As every professional’s career journey can differ, AIB offers several accessible entry paths into its internationally recognized MBA. Most notably, the GMAT test is not required for entry, saving applicants significant time and money. Instead, students can gain entry through relevant business experience and prior qualifications. To learn more about the MBA eligibility criteria, visit our website.

Personalized and responsive support services

As an online student, access to support services is an integral part of being success in MBA studies. At AIB, students have access to academic, administrative and peer support via online forums, email and over the phone. For Canadians, the difference in time zone is actually an advantage, especially for students who commence their study sessions after finishing work, which coincides with the start of the Australian business day. This means that you can receive a prompt, personalized response.

In addition to these support services, AIB is also proud to offer all Canadian students access to AIB ASSIST – a free wellbeing support platform. AIB ASSIST offers a suite of wellbeing material online, as well as the option of confidential counselling sessions with a qualified mental health professional. These sessions exist to support students during personal and professional challenging times, and can be related to studies or other personal matters. Tertiary studies can be challenging, but thanks to these services, AIB is with Canadian students every step of the way.

An affordable investment with flexible payment options

AIB is committed to delivering affordable education so students can see a return on their investment sooner. Thanks to the school’s global scale and 100% online delivery model, The Agile MBA is amongst the most affordable MBAs in Canada. In addition to an upfront payment option, AIB offers a 36-month interest free payment plan that allows students to manage their investment as they study. For those who are eligible to apply for student loans and grants, AIB is included in the CanLearn International Master List of Designated Educational Institutions which lists all educational institutions where students can apply for Canada Student Loans.

View The Agile MBA course fees here.

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