Associate Professor John Wilkinson


Dr John Wilkinson is currently Associate Professor of Marketing and Head of Discipline – Marketing at AIB. He also is a member of the AIB Academic Board, a position which he also held in 2013. He holds BSc and BCom degrees from University of Natal (in Durban, South Africa), an MBA from University of Adelaide, and a PhD from University of South Australia. He also holds a Graduate Certificate in Education (Academic Practice) from University of South Australia.

John is a Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute and former member of the AMI (SA) Board. He also holds CPM status with the AMI. He is a member of the Global Sales Science Institute and current Australian representative and former Vice Chair – Education on the GSSI Board. He also is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Selling.

John previously worked at UniSA, holding positions of Program Director, Senior Lecturer and Associate Head – School of Marketing. He also was a Research Associate of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science.  He taught marketing courses in MBA and Master of Marketing programs in Australia and Malaysia, and undergraduate courses in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. John was a member of the University’s Academic Board in 2000-01 and 2009-10, and received an Achievement in Teaching & Learning Award for Program Leadership in 2016. He also developed and delivered training programs for a range of organisations.

John’s previous work positions were within industry, including roles of Product Manager, Industrial Detergents with Unilever South Africa; Manager, Marketing Information & Analysis with Kodak Australasia; and Market Manager, Ingot with Alcoa of Australia.

John’s research interests focus on business-to-business marketing and sales management. He has supervised one DBA and three PhD candidates who have successfully completed their dissertations, and currently is supervising two DBA candidates. His recent publications are listed below.

John enjoys working with students to assist them develop their knowledge and understanding – and their ability to apply that to their work – and thereby to assist them develop personally and professionally. He also enjoys research, and the opportunity to ensure that contemporary research findings are incorporated within teaching materials. His key advice to students is to ensure they apply key concepts and frameworks from their studies to their own work situations whenever possible to add rigour to their business decisions.

Publications and Presentations

Recent journal articles – Refereed

Mulki, J and Wilkinson, JW (2017): ‘Customer-Directed Extra-Role Performance and Emotional Understanding: Effects on Customer Conflict, Felt Stress, Job Performance and Turnover Intentions’, Australasian Marketing Journal, 25 (3), 206-214.

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Recent articles in research books

Zippel, C; Wilkinson, J and Vogler, T: (2013): ‘Relationship selling strategies to increase cooperation from dominant retail channel partners – Findings of an exploratory study’. In G. Hofbauer, A. Pattloch and M. Stumpf (eds.): Marketing in Forschung und Praxis: Jubiläumausgabe zum 40-jährigen Bestehen der Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur Marketing (709-724), uni-edition, Berlin.

Recent book chapters

‘Selling and sales management’, in Sharp, B (2017): Marketing: Theory, evidence, practice (2nd ed); Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, Vic. (pp. 394-435).

Wilkinson, JW (2011): ‘International selling’, in Guenzi, P and Geiger, S (eds) (2011): Sales management – A multinational perspective (251-277), Palgrave Macmillan, Houndmills.

Recent conference papers - Refereed

Blockley, C; Wilkinson, J and Shafei, I: ‘Sales force change management in response to the emergence of dominant retail chains: A planned Australian case study within the wine industry’, in 12th Annual Global Sales Science Institute Conference Proceedings, FHWien der WKW University of Applied Sciences of Management & Communication, Vienna, June 2018.

Verdonk, Wilkinson et al: ‘Australian consumers’ perceptions of champagne and other sparkling wine: An exploratory study’, presented at Academy of Wine Business Research Conference, Adelaide, February 2016.

Zippel, Christian; Wilkinson, John and Vogler, Thomas: ‘The influence of private labels on cooperation between manufacturers and retailers of fast moving consumer goods in Germany: Exploratory research findings’, presented at the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy conference, Adelaide, December 2012. (Received ‘Best paper in Track: Sales, Supply Chain Management, Logistics’ award.)

Veyhl, Ulrich; Wilkinson, John and Borgmeier, Arndt: ‘The influence of dual leadership on cross-functional selling team performance: A conceptual analysis and research proposal’, Global Sales Science Institute Conference, Università Bocconi, Milan, June 2011.

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