Dr. Adela Drozdibob

PhD (Management), MEng (Environmental) B(Hons)Eng

Lecturer in Supply Chain and Operations Management

Research and teaching specialties

Supply chain management, Operations management, Resilience, Natural disasters, Supply chain integration, Supply chain relationships.


Adela is an experienced environmental engineer and supply chain manager with comprehensive education profile. Leading over 20 industry projects for operations improvement included a wide scope of supply chains, such as food, energy, production, and service. Building on professional experience and engineering education from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, and Novi Sad University, Adela completed her PhD in Supply chain management at Monash Business School.

Multiple publications in academic and industry proceedings as well as a wide industry network serves to exemplar Adela’s research activity. This research is focussed on supply chain resilience in the context of natural disasters, supply chain integration, relationships. Adela has presented her work as a researcher and a keynote speaker on multiple international and national, academic and industry conferences.

With multiple recognitions for excellence in education, including Monash University Dean’s excellence award for teaching in 2019, Adela aims to continuously improve teaching and enrich it with relevant examples from industry while applying  practical approach to teaching.

Adela is known as a Lead in Australian Serbian Commerce Chamber and founder of Education division. Within this role, Adela developed and lead education programs for higher education institutions.

Adela serves on multiple boards for research and education improvement, with a continuous focus to bridge interest and insights form industry in the academic research activity.

Publications and Presentations

Papers in Refereed Conference Proceedings:

Drozdibob, A., Sohal, A., Fayezi, S., Nyland, C., ‘How is supply chain integration altered to support supply chain resilience building?’, ANZAM Conference, 17th OSCM Symposium, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, 07/2019

Drozdibob, A., Sohal, A., Fayezi, S., Nyland C., ‘Supply chain resilience in relation to natural disasters: The case of category 1 and category 5 Queensland storms, EUROMA conference, Helsinki, Finland, 06/2019

Drozdibob, A., ‘Weathering the Storm: Supply chain resilience toward natural disasters’, ANZAM Conference, 16th OSCM Symposium, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, 06/2018

Drozdibob, A., ‘The influence of supply chain integration on trust and supply chain resilience: natural disaster contingency’, Academy of Management Conference, Chicago, IL, USA, 08/2017


Refereed Journal Publications

Kondic, A., & Lalic, B. (2012). Improvement of the Ecoprofit software solution. Faculty of Technical Sciences Published Papers Magazine (University Novi Sad), 4, 657-661.

Eames, G., Kondic, A., Mazhar, A., Burganova, E., & Madaminov, S. (2014). Sustainable building in Russia: Initial findings. High Technology Buildings Magazine, Spring, 38-46.