Dr. Anthony Kerr


Anthony completed B.A. and B.Econ. degrees at the University of Queensland and a Graduate Diploma in Advertising at the Queensland University of Technology. He later graduated from a Masters in Sport Management (Massachusetts) and an MBA (Oregon) in the USA. He completed his PhD at the University of Technology, Sydney in the field of marketing and branding in sport.

He spent many years at LaTrobe University where he coordinated the Bachelor of Business (Sport Management) and served on the Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand (SMAANZ) board. Anthony has been nationally recognised for his excellence in teaching, having previously received the Australian Institute of Business Teaching and Learning Award, the La Trobe University Teaching Award and was nominated for the Australian Government Office for Learning & Teaching (OLT) Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning. He has also taught undergraduate and postgraduate marketing courses at Central Queensland University and Griffith University (Queensland).

Before joining academia, he spent a decade in marketing, sponsorship and account management, media and public relations in the sport industry working in Australia, England and the USA. He also helped some of the world's most famous brands, including Nike, AT&T Wireless, SEGA, UK Super League, TimeWarner and Manchester City to meet their marketing objectives by leveraging the power of sport to engage with consumers and deliver results.

Anthony continues to develop a real-world curriculum and has presented and published widely on the psychology of sport consumers and the globalisation of entertainment brands. He has made an important international contribution with his work on ‘satellite supporters’ and the psychological attachment these foreign consumers have with their team, while his other interests focus on event management and how FanFests might enhance the consumer experience.

Publications and Presentations


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Conference Presentations

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Conference Paper

Kerr, A.K. (2008). Team Identification and Satellite Supporters: The Potential Value of Brand Equity Frameworks, Sport Marketing Association 2008 Conference Proceedings, Sport Marketing Association, Australia, 48-66.