Dolly Daou

Dr. Dolly Daou

Doctorate of Philosophy (University of South Australia)

Senior Lecturer

Research and teaching specialties

Online teaching and learning. Design management and marketing. Food chain and food business. Entrepreneurship. All design discipline, Interior architecture, and research expertise in Urbanism and architecture. Reconstruction of cities. War and violence. Anthropology and ethnology. Applied research action research. Practice-based and practice led design research.


Over 20 years international leadership experience in pluri-disciplinary pedagogy, research, and higher education quality assurance. A doctorate in the fields of interior architecture and urbanism. An expert in international relations and strategies, developing international alliances across continents using a bespoke marketing strategy and design management workshops between academia and the industry specialising in applied research.

Currently,  she is the community manager for EUvsVirus at the European Innovation Council EU,  and the founder, Chair of New Eating Habits working group, Cumulus Association and Congress Ambassador of Dubai Tourism. She has held previous positions as the Director of Food Design Lab, l’École de Design Nantes Atlantique, France, the Director of the Association of Interior Designers in MENA, the Treasurer of eth Interior Design Architecture Educators Association and the Head of Interior Architecture Program at Swinburne University of Technology. Also, Author of co-edited book: Unbounded on the Interior and Interiority and many other publications.


Publications and Presentations

Journals and books  

Daou, D. (2020) ‘Bridging the Gap between design education and practice’, Design for all, Institute of India, Vol 15, No.4, Guest Editor for Special Edition, April 2020.

Coddington, A., Daou, D., Kocsis, A. & Thong, C. (2017) Collaborative Work Environments, Design Factory Book. 1/11/2017, (by invitation).

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Refereed Conference Proceedings:

Daou, D. & Ferrandi, J-M (2019) Combiner Ingenierie Et Design Pour Innover Dans Le Domaine Alimentaire : Un Veritable Defi Et Une Opportunite De Succes. QPES Brest 17-21 June 2019 

Daou, D. (2014) ‘A feminine city Square as a Container of events’. Body and Space. Middlesex University. (Graeme Brookes & World Interior Forum). London, Sept 2014

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Daou, D. & Lee, G.(2007) ‘Unsanctioned occupation; experiments in threshold interiority’.  Inhabiting Risk Conference Proceedings (editors: C. McCarthy & G. Matthewson) IDEA 07, Wellington, pp. 35-44.


Creative Director, Conferences and Events

Daou, D. (2020) Mediator at Design and Culture session. Design 2050 , IFI Binnaual. CONGRESS/GA. Dubai, UAE, 25-28 February

2019-2020 Founder of New Eating Habits working group. Cumulus Association Invited academics to present research and pedagogy projects on the role of design in how our eating habits are influencing natural resources link between urbanity and food.

(2019) Keynote: ‘Global Food Design Education’. Bright Food International Food Design Forum. ECNU. 07 November

2019 Dolly Daou. ‘La ville à la Carte’ (the city à la carte). Musée Tech . Château des Ducs de Bretagne. Nantes, France

2019 Stéphane Gouret, Dolly Daou, Frédéric Degouzon. Touchy/Feely (a workshop on design and emotions. Samoa and L’École de design Nantes Atantique. 3 May

2019 Dolly Daou. ‘L’emballage culturel alimentaire nouvelles tendances nouveaux enjeux’. CFIA. Rennes, France, March

2019 Dolly Daou. Food Design Lab stand. Puloshology. La nuit Européenne des Chercheuses at Océanopolis. Brest, France

2019 Dolly Daou. ‘Manger la Ville’ (Eat the city). Musée Tech . Château des Ducs de Bretagne. Nantes, France

2018 Dolly Daou. Mediator: the changing face of design education. Design Middle East. Dubai

2017 Dolly Daou. APID & Infocomm. Smart Interiors. Dubai, 6th of December

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