Dr. Ingy Shafei


Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Research Program Coordinator and Ethics Committee Coordinator

Research and teaching specialties

Continuous Improvement and Process Reengineering in Healthcare, Consumer Behaviour, Action Research in Healthcare, Healthcare Management, Strategic Marketing Management


Dr. Ingy Shafei has a Doctorate of Business Administration from Maastricht School of Management (Netherlands) as well as a Doctorate in Medicine. She is a lecturer with over ten years’ experience in lecturing and research, in both business administration and medicine at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level. She also has a wealth of field experience, having worked in the fields of clinical pathology, healthcare management consulting, project management and accreditation using CMMI and Agile methodologies. She enjoys a demonstrated track record of excellence and upward mobility with experience working in diverse teaching environments as well as local and international organisations addressing global trends and issues. She is a member of the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) and the Action Leaning Action Research Association (ALARA). She has been the recipient of multiple industry grants and is involved in research in healthcare management and quality improvement.

Publications and Presentations

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