Dr. Paul Singh

BTM, PhD, GradCert (Learning and Teaching)

Lecturer in Marketing Management and Entrepreneur Discipline, and Human Research and Management Discipline

Research and teaching specialties

Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Management; Strategic Management; Tourism Management; Event Management; Hospitality Management; Strategic Marketing; Work Integrated Learning; and Applied Research Projects.


Paul has over 30 years’ experience in the financial services, tourism, and higher education sectors in Australia and New Zealand including over 17 years’ experience in research, lecturing, and professional positions at higher education institutions in Australia, New Zealand, China and the United Kingdom. He holds a PhD in Management and Tourism Management from The University of Queensland. A focus of his PhD research was providing insights into the way knowledge is obtained, absorbed, transformed, and exploited in tourism organisations. By developing a multi-level process model of Destination Marketing Organisations’ Absorptive Capacity, Paul provided one of the first in-depth studies of Tourism Absorptive Capacity. His research results have been presented at international conferences.

Paul has strong beliefs in the power of experiential learning, work integrated learning, applied learning and problem-based learning as enablers of learners’ independent problem-solving, critical thinking, and lifelong learning capabilities. Paul has developed subjects and modules for Tourism Management, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management amongst others. He has developed several study skills modules and support material for enabling students study and learning capabilities.

Prior to joining AIB in January 2020 Paul was employed as a subject coordinator and lecturer at The University of Queensland. He has been a Lecturer at Eastern Institute of Technology in New Zealand, and Lecturer and Programme Leader at the University of Surrey. Paul also had tutoring, research assistant and professional roles at Queensland University of Technology and Victoria University of Wellington. His Academic Service roles include being the Programme Leader for a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in International Tourism Management for the University of Surrey, appointed to a Master-level Program Accreditation Panel for the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and has been a member of several research, learning and teaching, and executive committees.

Being always keen to apply tourism management and management theories to the real business world, Paul has successfully completed several pro bono and funded research consulting projects in both private and public organisations and assisted destinations and stakeholders in destination marketing and business development. To date he has gained over $50,000 in grant funding and is keen to discuss future research projects and collaborations in his specialist research areas.

Publications and Presentations

Doctoral Thesis

Singh, P. D. G. (2014). The Role of Individuals in the Knowledge Absorptive Capacity of New Zealand’s Regional Tourism Organisations (Doctoral Thesis). Retrieved from http://espace.library.uq.edu.au/view/UQ:331062



Singh, P. D. G. (Ed.). (2011). Study Skills Workbook for Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Foundations Students. Brisbane: School of Tourism, The University of Queensland.


Refereed Conference Articles

Singh, P. (2017). Exploring Students’ Future Study and Learning Processes Development. Paper presented at the 27th CAUTHE Conference, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Singh, P. (2014). Challenges and Best Practices of Destination Marketing Organisations’ Knowledge Exploring Processes: The characteristics of individuals in the absorptive capacity processes. Paper presented at the ICOT 2014 Conference, Dalian, China.

Singh, P. (2014). An individual’s role in adapting a destination’s social media marketing capabilities. Paper presented at the CAUTHE 2014 Conference, Brisbane, Australia.

Singh, P. D. G., Ritchie, B., & Ruhanen, L. (2010). Tourism Absorptive Capacity: Conceptualization of knowledge acquiring and generating capabilities of tourism organizations. Paper presented at the New Zealand Tourism and Hospitality Research Conference, 2010, Auckland, New Zealand.


Selected Government, Commissioned and Technical Reports

Singh, P. (2012). The Knowledge Absorptive Capacity of New Zealand’s Regional Tourism Organisations: Exploring the roles of individuals in knowledge absorptive capacity processes, for New Zealand’s Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Education (pp. 208). Brisbane: The University of Queensland.


Conference Posters

Singh, P. (2017). Developing ‘Transnationalizing’ Students’ Study and Learning Processes. Poster presented at the 27th CAUTHE Conference, Dunedin, New Zealand.


Awards and Scholarship

2010 Scholarship: Ministry of Tourism (NZ) Masters Scholarship.

2010 to 2012 Scholarship: 3 Year UQ Post Graduate Research Scholarship.