Dr. Prikshat Verma


Dr. Verma Prikshat has more than 19 years’ academic experience, including teaching, research and program coordination at tertiary level, in Australian and Indian universities (RMIT University, Melbourne and Punjab Technical University, India).

His key expertise is in the fields of management, human resource management, leadership, employment relations, and general management. He has presented his research findings in numerous international conferences, and his major areas of interest are in graduate work-readiness challenges in Asia-Pacific, transformational leadership & follower outcomes and service quality in management education. He is an active member of the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI), the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) and the Action Leaning, Action Research Association Inc (ALARA).

Publications and Presentations

Funded Research Projects

Australia Business Centre (Curtin University, Perth) (Grant $80000): ‘Enhancing work-readiness of vocational and higher education graduates: Asia-Pacific Region’. (Part of the research team along with eminent researchers from Australia) (2015-2017)

Army research scheme ($30000): Transitioning from military to civilian employment in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Challenges, opportunities and effective strategies (2018-2019)

Australian Institute of Business (Internal grant $2500): Preparing ‘Reflective Executives’: An Action Research Approach to Improve Australian Institute of Business’s Online Business Education Curriculum (Chief Investigator) (2017-2018)


Forthcoming Edited Book

Dhakal, S., Prikshat, V., Burgess J, Nankervis A, (eds.2018 forthcoming) Employability challenges in the Asia Pacific and beyond: Employer perspectives, government strategies and higher education systems. Springer Publications.


Journal articles

Prikshat V, Biswas K, Nankervis A & Hoque RM (2018 - In press) HR Professionals’ Role Competencies and Firm Performance in Bangladesh: Examining the Moderating Effects of Firm Life Cycle and Size. Evidence-based HRM: a global forum for empirical scholarship.

Prikshat V, Nankervis A, Priyono S, Salleh N, Connell J & Burgess J (2018) Stakeholder-oriented HRM for graduate work-readiness challenges:  Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia. In Journal: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (Special issue on employability).

Prikshat V, Kumar S, Nankervis A, & Khan S (2018) Indian HR competency modelling: Profiling, mapping and an investigation of HRM roles, competencies and functions. In Journal: Journal of Developing Areas (Project MUSE)

Salleh N, Prikshat V, Nankervis A, Burgess, J (2017) Undergraduate Career-Readiness Challenges in Malaysia. World Applied Sciences Journal 35 (12): 2659-2664, 2017. ISSN 1818-4952.

Nankervis A and Prikshat V (2015) Interesting times – the challenges of China’s demographic deficit. Labour & Industry: a journal of the social and economic relations of work. Volume 25, Issue 4, 2015 (Special Issue:   Challenges of the ageing workforce in the Asia Pacific)


Book Chapters

Prikshat V, Kumar S and Raje P (2018) Antecedents, consequences, and strategic responses to graduate work-readiness: challenges in India. In book: Transitions from Education to Work: Job Ready Challenges in the Asia Pacific. Publisher: Routledge Publishing, Editors: Roslyn Cameron, Subas Dhakal, Kerry Brown and John Burgess.

Nankervis A, Prikshat V and Cameron R, (2018) Graduate work readiness in Asia Pacific economies: A review of the literature. In book: Transitions from Education to Work: Job Ready Challenges in the Asia Pacific. Publisher: Routledge Publishing, Editors: Roslyn Cameron, Subas Dhakal, Kerry Brown and John Burgess.

Nankervis A, Prikshat V and Montague A (2016) ‘Scarcity in Plenty’: Skills Shortages and HRM competencies in Vietnam. In book: Human Development and Capacity Building: Asia Pacific trends, challenges and prospects for the future. Publisher: Routledge, Editors: Maria Fay Rola-Rubzen, John Burgess.

Prikshat V, Nankervis A and Salleh, N (2016) An exploratory study of HRM roles and competencies in Vietnam, India and Malaysia. In book: Asia Pacific Human Resource Management and Organisational Effectiveness: Impacts on Practice. Publisher: Elsevier Publishing, Editors: Alan Nankervis, Chris Rowley, Noorziah Mohd. Salleh.



Prikshat V and Cameron R (2017) Gap analysis: Stakeholders’ perceptions of the ‘Work-Readiness’ of Australian business graduates, Work Applied Learning for Change Conference, GCWAL, 27-28th November, Adelaide, SA.

Kumar S, Rajaguru R and Prikshat V (2017) Analyising service quality gap in in Indian management education using INSTAQUAL: A study of state university affiliated Colleges, ANZAM 2017 Conference, 6-8th December, Melbourne, Victoria.

Syed M, Patel P and Prikshat V (2017) Migration Challenges and Career Habitus of South Asian Professionals and Managers in Australia, ANZAM 2017 Conference, 6-8th December, Melbourne, Victoria.

Prikshat, V., Nankervis, A., Brown, K., Cameron, R., Burgess, J., Connell, J., & Mumme, B. (2016) Graduate Work-Readiness Challenges in the Asia Pacific: The role of HRM in a multiple-stakeholder strategy, IHRM 2016 Conference, 21-23rd June, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Prikshat V and Kumar S, (2016) Industry/education collaborations that help increase employability in India, 9th Equality, Diversity and Inclusion International Conference (EDI):22 - 24 June 2016, University of Cyprus, Cyprus.

Prikshat V (2016) Exploring the work-readiness and employability of youth trainees, vocational and higher education graduates in the Asia Pacific: A seven country study—Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, India and Vietnam (2015-2017), Second Asian Business Centre Work-readiness Workshop Hanoi – (University of Science & Technology – April 22-23, 2016).

Prikshat V and Kumar S, (2014) The roles, competencies and skills of Indian HRM professionals and skills   shortages in Indian organisations, International conference on human resources management and organizational effectiveness in Asia-Pacific 2014, 4 – 5th December 2014, Sabah, Malaysia.

Prikshat V, Nankervis, A., & Macintosh, M. (2011) Making a difference: Combating the critical shortage of GPs in rural & remote Australia, 12th International conference of the society for global business and economic development (SGBED 2011), July 21-23 2011 at Singapore Management University, Singapore.