Dr. Rajesh Johnsam


Dr. Irudhaya Rajesh Johnsam is currently a lecturer at AIB. He holds his Doctorate in Organisational Behaviour/Leadership from Anna University (India). Rajesh has a Masters in Psychology and an MBA in HR from University of Madras (India). He also holds a Masters in Communication and Journalism from Madurai Kamaraj University (India). Rajesh also received specialised training in leadership, emotional intelligence and organisational behaviour skills from the American Management Association and Graduate school USDA (Washington DC, USA).

Rajesh has six years of academic experience, combined with over ten years' work experience in the training and development of employees across multiple sectors. His popular training programs include ‘EI in leadership’ and ‘Mastering interpersonal communication skills at the workplace’. Rajesh strongly believes in making a difference in the life of his students through personal integrity and excellence in teaching. He strongly recommends students to ‘dream the impossible’.

His research focuses on studying the intervening process between transformational leadership and its impact on followers’ outcomes. His research interests also include interpersonal communication satisfaction, growth satisfaction in the job, job stress, job burnout, interpersonal trust and transformational leadership in self-managing work teams. His work has been published in a range of peer-reviewed international journals. He is also a reviewer for international peer-reviewed journals in the areas of leadership and organisational behaviour. As a passionate researcher, he strongly believes in the ‘Research to Practice’ philosophy.

Publications and Presentations

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