Professor Angelina Russo

PhD, MBAHEM, BD (HE Design)

Associate Dean Research and Research Higher Degrees

Research and teaching specialties

Design Strategy, Digital Marketing, Cultural Communication, Entrepreneurship, Cultural Practice, Creative Industries, Desktop Digital Fabrication, Museum Studies


Angelina is an experienced designer, a full professor and a practiced small business person who brings an entrepreneurial approach to research. Her expertise ranges from design sustainability and textile futures to digital communication strategy. She is recognised for her ability to bring together digital technologies and multi-disciplinary teams to support innovation across multiple sectors.

With more than 100 publications, 4 national awards and 25 years of experience in cultural research, teaching and design practice, she is regularly invited to provide leadership to the cultural sector. Her grant writing and development has resulted in over $12m in grants over 12 years. She is an experienced ARC grant reviewer with particular expertise in DECRAs.

Angelina is recognised for her  extensive social enterprise experience as a co-founder of the 4000 member global network, Museum3, an early cultural social media network turned NFP that ran for 8 years (2006 – 2014) providing an invaluable resource to the cultural sector. In 2018 she created Making Makers, a consultancy that offers Research Stewardship, Bespoke Product Development and Partnership and Network Development. Her entrepreneurial approach to maker activities includes “MAKEBREAK” digital fabrication training, a nested program of innovation and well-being, workshops in Zero Food Waste in the Workplace and “BisMakers: An Unusual Craft Affair” which bring senior artisans together with emerging digital artisans to share skills and knowledge that translates into business opportunity.

Publications and Presentations

Key publications

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Non Traditional Research publications

Russo, Angelina (2016) Beyonce and the Cultural Lure of Sweat. The Conversation. 24 March 2016

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