Top 4 Qualities of Excellent Managers

Top 4 Qualities of Excellent Managers

As a manager, you are responsible for a number of important projects and outcomes. It can therefore be easy to forget about the most important area you look after – people. While we’ve heard it before, people are your most important asset as they are ultimately who will get the job done. The success of your people will impact your personal success, so their happiness within their roles is essential. Excellent managers who value their people often possess the following qualities.

1. Approachability

Some of the most excellent managers in business are those who staff feel comfortable in approaching. Whether it is in regards to a question, some feedback, or taking leave – managers should always be easy to approach and not feared. If staff don’t feel comfortable with their manager, it will be very difficult to measure how they are feeling and enjoying their job. If you are worried that you are not approachable, try to spend personalised time with staff members more regularly and ensure that you ask how they are going in their role.

2. Ability to give feedback

Those who are interested in career development will want honest feedback about their work. While negative feedback is difficult to give, constructive criticism is very important for the progression of staff. Managers who praise staff for great performances, as well as explain how things could have been done better, are more likely to be respected in the workplace. If you feel that there are areas that your staff member has excelled or could do better in, don’t be afraid to let them know.

3. Personal passion

There are few things more motivating than a manager who truly loves what they do and are passionate about the end results. This type of attitude will be reflected in the team and is very important for staff morale. From an employee’s perspective, excellent managers are committed to the overall cause and get joy out of their jobs. It is difficult not to admire this quality as an employee and it contributes greatly to a driven and inspired team.

4. Industry knowledge

Excellent managers are those who staff can look up to for detailed knowledge and advice. If you are to provide constructive feedback, you must be sure that you are correct in your knowledge, and are teaching your employees the appropriate practices. A manager which is able to share their experience will be admired by staff and appreciated for contributing to the growth of others.

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This article was written by Laura Hutton on behalf of the Australian Institute of Business. All opinions are that of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of AIB.

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