3 Ways You Can Grow Your Brands Online Presence

3 Ways You Can Grow Your Brands Online Presence

As a business, ensuring that people know about your offerings or services is essential to your success. With much of the business world now trading in an online environment, a brand’s online presence is now more important than ever. Online presence doesn’t just refer to a website; it also includes social media channels, and review sites whereby customers can share their experiences with your organisation. If you are nowhere to be seen online this decade, then you should look to implement online marketing strategies immediately. See below for three simple ways to get you started:

1. Choose the correct platform
One of the most common mistakes made by businesses is listing themselves on every social media network they know of. Without at least one full-time social media coordinator, you will not have the resources to grow your brand efficiently on each of these channels. It is important to take a step back and choose which of the many platforms will be most effective for your brand. In the majority of cases, a great starting point will be Facebook. In addition to Facebook, you should choose a second channel which is proven to be successful in your industry. For example if you are in retail or hospitality, Instagram is great, whereas if you are in Academics, LinkedIn should be your second choice. Do your research, and look to use two platforms well, rather than all of them poorly.

2. Invest in Facebook Advertising
If you’re not in marketing, chances are you don’t know about how Facebook is built to make its own money. Over the past few years, Facebook’s design and means of operating has changed significantly. Whilst it is a free social media platform, it is important for businesses to understand that investment will need to be made in order for your content to be seen, and for your brand’s awareness to grow. The good news is that Facebook advertising is relatively affordable – the business can choose how much they wish to spend from 1 dollar to 1 million dollars. If you’re looking to grow your online presence significantly, Facebook advertising is a great way to do so, and can be tailored exactly to your target market.

3. Provide valuable content
Last but not least, it is important to understand that the content you share on your social media channels, website and email marketing must be of value to the reader. The more valuable they find it, the more likely they are to interact with it, and share it among their networks. Whilst Facebook advertising may bring the people to your page in the first place, you will need to post engaging and valuable content to keep them there. This does not mean bombarding them with posts about your business – content should be a mix of incentives and sales focused posts, as well as those which are of interest to your audience such as a news story from your industry.

What do you think?
Are you looking to grow your brand’s online presence using social media or email marketing? I’m interested to know the tactics in which other businesses have used, and what has been most effective for you. Comment below to share your views, and join the AIB conversation.

This article was written by Laura Hutton on behalf of the Australian Institute of Business. All opinions are that of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of AIB.    

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