4 Benefits of Hiring an MBA Graduate

4 Benefits of Hiring an MBA Graduate

It is easy to discuss the many personal benefits of completing an MBA, but what about the benefits of hiring an MBA graduate? There are many companies looking for skilled specialists to become key assets in their organisation – but what benefits can an MBA graduate offer to a business?

Strategic Thinking & Problem Solving

The MBA is designed as a platform to not only build knowledge, but also build key skills in the areas of strategy and solutions. It encourages employees to think about the ‘big picture’ of a business, and critically analyse issues or circumstances to ensure that the organisation in question is functioning as best it can.

MBA graduates have the ability to see an issue from a variety of key angles, and understand the requirements of each major stakeholder within an organisation. Their knowledge of the many areas of a business can be critical in successfully and strategically navigating a crisis.

Leadership Skills

Businesses who are looking for employees with strong leadership skills should consider employing an MBA graduate. For many graduates, completing their higher education qualification gives them the additional confidence to perform as a leader or mentor within an organisation.

The additional knowledge gained across an MBA programme gives many graduates the confidence to lead their fellow staff members through day-to-day business requirements or major projects. This skill and confidence can be invaluable to many businesses that are looking for trustworthy employees.

Connections and Networks

One of the greatest assets of those who study a post-graduate qualification is the network they have access to, both for the duration of their studies and after their studies. Regardless of whether someone has studied on-campus or through distance learning, students and graduates are able to meet and network with their fellow business professionals, building valuable relationships with a wide range of experts.

These relationships can be of great value to a business – by hiring an MBA graduate with a strong network, your business will also have access to those contacts. Management consultants, specialist financial advisors and leading technical professionals may all be a part of your employee’s circle. Don’t underestimate the value of a network – it can be hugely beneficial to the success of your business.

Current Theoretical and Practical Knowledge

Recent MBA graduates have been conditioned to investigate and understand the current business landscape – assignments and exams have required them to understand key theoretical concepts across many business areas, and in the case of a practical programme like the MBA at the Australian Institute of Business, they’ve also been required to apply those theories to a particular workplace situation and demonstrate the depth of their knowledge. A solid understanding of current business practices and theory is invaluable to all businesses looking to get ahead of their competitors.

Do you think an MBA qualification enhances an employees value to your business? Or, as an MBA graduate, what do you think you can offer to an organisation? Let us know in the comments.

This article was written by Simone Ball on behalf of the Australian Institute of Business. All opinions are that of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of AIB.    


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