4 Traits You Need To Succeed In An MBA

4 Traits You Need To Succeed In An MBA

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) isn’t just another degree. To complete the degree with a pass requires a great deal of commitment, perseverance and effort. Ultimately, those who succeed in an MBA possess a number of key personality traits which distinguish them from those who don’t. If you’re considering your MBA, have a read of the below points to evaluate if you’re really ready to take that next step. Remember, success in your MBA is also about timing, the people who possess the below traits have generally chosen to complete the degree at the right stage in their career.

Drive to succeed

To succeed in an MBA, you must have a great deal of drive and determination to complete your degree. By no means is the MBA easy, it is an intensive course which is designed to provide you with knowledge of all facets of business. With such a large amount of information and content to cover, unless you are motivated to succeed, you will have some difficulty in completing the programme. The MBA requires a commitment to not only reading the course content, but spending time reviewing it, completing assignments and studying for exams. If you are a high achiever who is committed to getting the job done no matter what it takes, then you might just be ready for the MBA.


As a student of the MBA, you should expect for your ideas to be challenged, your work to be criticised and for you to grow your knowledge exponentially. Of course no one likes to be criticised, but in order to learn we must challenge our current ideas, and compare them to those of others. To be able to succeed in an MBA, resilience is important as it allows you to build from challenging circumstances, rather than wallow in them. If you handle setbacks and challenges well in the workplace, chances are you’ll handle them well in your MBA.

High level of organisation

Most MBA students are working adults who must constantly multitask in order to complete their studies. A high level of organisation is imperative to succeed in an MBA as it allows you to effectively prioritise your tasks. You must be an efficient time planner so that personal commitments are balanced with study commitments. Organisation also ensures that no due dates are missed, and adequate preparation for exams is completed.

True passion

If you are looking to complete your MBA because it is ‘the thing to do’, the journey will not be as easy as you think. If you are truly passionate about your work and career, this will be reflected throughout your MBA. Not only will your passion be evident in your work, it will also define how much time you spend studying and the effort that you put in. If you’re truly interested in bettering yourself and your career, you will be more likely to succeed in an MBA.

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This article was written by Laura Hutton on behalf of the Australian Institute of Business. All opinions are that of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of AIB. 

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