5 Reasons Why The Accelerated MBA Is Growing In Popularity

5 Reasons Why The Accelerated MBA Is Growing In Popularity

With time now becoming a precious commodity for business people, higher education providers such as The Australian Institute of Business (AIB) have tailored their programmes in order to suit the needs of students. Master of Business Administration (MBA) programmes such as the AIB 12 Month MBA have been specifically designed as an accelerated programme for the time poor. A common misconception is that the accelerated MBA is a lower quality of education. This is in fact not the case, and is why this method of undertaking the degree is growing in popularity every day. If you’d like to learn why the accelerated MBA is so popular – read the following five reasons:

1. Same qualification, less time

The accelerated MBA does not mean that there are less subjects or a lower quality of education. In order to achieve the same high standard of education, accelerated MBA programmes deliver each subject in an intensive format. For example, AIB offers the 12 Month MBA where only one subject is undertaken each month, but includes a number of required contact hours and assessments.

2. Greater flexibility

Due to the course structure of the AIB 12 Month accelerated MBA, there is greater flexibility for the student. For example, if the student has work or personal commitments during a particular month, they can arrange to take that month off from study, and resume the programme in the following month when scheduling their subject timetable. The programme has been designed for working adults, therefore it understands that flexibility is necessary.

3. Increased focus on course content

As an accelerated MBA programme only focuses on one subject at a time, many students explain that this allows them to focus greater on the subject matter. A traditional university course will see a student study four subjects throughout the semester, therefore having to focus on four different subject areas at the one time. One subject per month means that complete attention is given to the course content, and the information is easier to process.

4. Study while you work

The majority of accelerated MBA programmes are designed with the busy working adult in mind. Unlike full-time traditional programme structures, the 12 Month MBA allows the student to continue to work, and therefore apply their knowledge directly into the workplace. Being able to continue work whilst studying concurrently has a number of both financial and practical benefits for the student. 

5. Perfect additional skills

Finally, a student who completes an accelerated MBA as well as working will have to be exceptionally organised. Upon completion of the MBA, time management will be a perfected skill, and will put the student in great standing for workplace organisation. Aside from organisation, additional skills such as the ability to write succinctly and work productively in teams will be second nature to the student.

What do you think?

Have you considered undertaking an accelerated MBA, or are you more drawn to the traditional MBA structure? I’d love to hear from past, present and potential students to understand the thought process behind choosing the MBA programme.


This article was written by Laura Hutton on behalf of the Australian Institute of Business. All opinions are that of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of AIB.

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