2019 Alumni Insights Report: Highlighting our Amazing Alumni

2019 Alumni Insights Report: Highlighting our Amazing Alumni

It’s that time of year where we celebrate the great achievements of our alumni through our Alumni Insights Report for 2019. Our community continuously achieve some truly amazing things – it’s cliché, we know, but the stats don’t lie.

Proud of these achievements and the impact education is having on our graduate’s lives, our CEO Paul Wappett had some words to share.

“As an organisation that strives to provide people with greater access to education, our primary focus is on student success”.

“I am extremely happy to see that the results of this survey are a testimony to what we have set out to achieve from the beginning – to deliver life changing experiences”, announced Wappett.

Our Alumni Have Achieved Career Progression Wins Worthy of Celebration

Our community is filled to the brim with determined and ambitious individuals. A major motivator that drove students to study our MBA was their goal of gaining career growth, which makes it amazing to see that 74.5% of our surveyees have already achieved that.

However, taking a deeper dive into this stat can show its actual value. Behind every number, there’s a person on the other side. Like Benjamin Hanley, who landed his dream job with the help of his studies.

“Gaining a Finance MBA in my mid-20s has advanced my career and personal financial literacy tremendously. Before my MBA graduation ceremony in November 2019, I was offered my dream job as Asia-Pacific Sustainability Manager at the world’s largest infrastructure asset management firm.

“One month after that I was invited to join Engineers Australia’s Environmental College national board. I believe my Finance MBA with AIB contributed significantly to both appointments,” said Benjamin.

Additionally, Gregg Harris found encouragement and support to pursue his business venture with the help of AIB.

“During the MBA, I got a promotion at work but have since left the company and am looking to venture into the entrepreneurial world and start my own business.

“My business idea was enhanced and shaped through the elective subjects of New Venture Creation and Entrepreneurship. The ability to get feedback from course facilitators was fantastic. The future looks bright!” said Gregg.

Joining Gregg, 58.4% of our surveyed alumni crushed their goal of starting their own business, for many a mere year after graduating, while 74% who wanted a salary increase, went out and got it. Studying an MBA isn’t an easy thing to do. That’s why it brings us such joy to see our alumni get recognised and rewarded for their efforts.

Our Alumni Community is Diverse

Being fully online, we have the privilege to meet and educate so many people from across the globe. Where you hang your hat is home. And we have 10,107 MBA alumni hanging their hats all over the world.

Further to this, our alumni span across more than fifteen industries, filling a myriad of different roles. Our community isn’t lacking in great leaders, with just over 30% of our surveyees owning their businesses, and 51.4% holding managerial positions.

On the whole, people are generally stoked with their study journey as just under 75% of our surveyees would highly recommend the AIB MBA to family, friends or colleagues. Additionally, 65% wished they started their MBA journey sooner, which speaks to the career power of the degree.

What goal will an AIB MBA help you achieve?

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