AIB Global Insights Survey finds graduates are highly employable worldwide

AIB Global Insights Survey finds graduates are highly employable worldwide

The recently released AIB 2017 Students and Alumni Insights Reports show that Australian Institute of Business (AIB) graduates are highly employable in the global market. The reports are a global initiative involving past and current students of AIB’s programmes, including The Agile MBA. More than 1,100 graduates and students from around the world participated in the employability surveys, with the findings represented in four key geographic reports comprising of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and rest of the world.

Findings from the studies were consolidated into four main themes: alumni/student profile, benefits of the programme, career statistics and progression, as well as ROI (return on investment). The alumni profile produced some interesting insights into the type of students who choose AIB for their higher education. Albeit well known that the majority of students who study with AIB are working professionals, the survey found that more than 80% are managers, up to a further 5% are in the C-Suite, and a large proportion are running their own business. There are also a significant proportion of students and alumni that are working in Fortune 500 companies, the highest percentage at 26% in New Zealand.

Participants from all regions agree that their degree helped them achieve their career goals (from 72% to 81% across the four regions). They rated enhanced professional development, strategy development skills, increased self-confidence and research and analytical skills as key benefits of their AIB degrees. The findings support global employability trends, with more employers placing emphasis on soft skills like innovation, leadership and networking as important considerations for recruitment and promotion decisions.

The global surveys confirm AIB’s effectiveness in producing versatile graduates with highly successful careers. Survey results show AIB graduates work across a diverse range of industries from business & commerce to government & defence, IT & high technology to science & engineering. Findings were consistent across regions in how alumni leveraged their degree to receive a promotion, change job functions or break into a new industry. 40% of Australian students have changed job functions with the MBA, while a further 22% changed industries. Similar findings were reflected in Canada (38.6% and 15.9% respectively) and rest of the world (37.4% and 20.1%). While in New Zealand, nearly 20% have moved cities and 11% have relocated overseas since starting their AIB degree.

The biggest takeaway from the global study is the relatively high ROI (return on investment) students and graduates reported. The average annual pre-tax income of AIB graduates was found to be in excess of 100K in each major region surveyed. The highest average annual income was reported from New Zealand at NZD$145K, followed by Australia at AUD$136K and Canada at CAD$113K. A significant number of participants also reported a 10% or more salary increase, with 22% of Canadian alumni successfully receiving an increase within the first three months after graduation and 34% of recent Australian alumni being promoted within 12 months following graduation.

The outstanding results of past and current students bring great pride to the team at AIB, whose primary motivation is to deliver life changing experiences. These graduate employability outcomes are a testament to AIB’s focused strategy to deliver a practical and relevant curriculum that is supported by strong industry connections and a personalised learning approach. 

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