AIB Students Can Now Enhance Their Study Journey With

AIB Students Can Now Enhance Their Study Journey With

As the practical business school, we’re dedicated to enhancing the AIB student experience with valuable resources and opportunities for further learning. As such, we’re excited to announce that, throughout their MBA journey’s with AIB, all students will now receive free access to online education resource – has set an industry benchmark as an innovative leader in online learning, offering informative video courses for more than 20 years. All course instructors are highly accomplished industry experts with extensive knowledge, gained through years of practical experience – something that is truly important to us at AIB.

With over 5,500 instructional courses covering everything from the business journey to technology hacks and creative how-to’s, it’s a powerful resource to support personal and professional growth. Use to support your study journey and career development, as well as simply for fun! Teach yourself to play a new instrument, improve your writing skills, develop your design expertise and much more.

Students can access courses from any device, and can download videos to watch offline, so you can learn on the go.

AIB students can access now via the Student Learning Portal. Get started with the orientation playlist designed by AIB, and then create your own playlists to support your online learning goals.

If you’re not a student with AIB, but are interested in finding out more about The Agile MBA or and how it can be a beneficial resource throughout the MBA journey, get in contact with us today.

Get a sneak peek into and how to maximise the platform in the video below featuring its co-founder, Lynda Weinman.

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