The AIB MBA Goes 100% Online with Online Exams

Last modified 25 August 2022
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The AIB MBA Goes 100% Online with Online Exams

The Australian Institute of Business (AIB) is delighted to announce that from 2018, students will be able to complete their MBA exams online.

Transitioning from hand-written, in-person invigilated exams has been an important step to allow students ultimate flexibility in their study schedules. This is a particularly important consideration for AIB students, as majority maintain full-time roles and often have young families at home, making convenience and accessibility crucial.

With overwhelming positive feedback received in 2017 from online exam pilots, we’re excited to roll out the feature to all students this year.

The flexibility to choose exam times

Some students are most productive in the mornings, others at night. Some are laser-focused in the office, while others feel more comfortable at home or in a library. Our new online exam format takes all these factors into consideration. With multiple exam start times to choose from over a 14 hour period, students can pick one to suit their schedule. And if life gets in the way and they miss the exam window altogether, they can simply sit the exam in the next time slot.

Eliminating the requirement to hand-write exams also makes the process more streamlined and comfortable for students – no more hand cramps!

Cost-effective and convenient

Online exams are also an economical option for our students. Previously, exams were completed in exam centres or under private invigilation, which incurred a $150 per exam fee. Online exams are completely free and also allow students to save on travel and parking costs.

We’ll also be making e-textbooks available for each subject, which are on average around $60 cheaper than a hard copy textbook. Students will have the choice between purchasing an e-textbook or hard copy and can use either in their exams.

E-textbooks have other benefits too. Digital search, highlighting and note making features can help save time in exams. Outside of exams, e-textbooks can be read offline across multiple devices as well as on desktop, so students can access them on the go. The ‘read aloud’ feature can also be handy, allowing students to listen to the text like an audiobook.

The assurance of academic integrity

In order for AIB to ensure that academic integrity is upheld in the examination process, students complete online exams using remote invigilation platform RPNow. The platform uses webcam and microphone for student identification and monitors the desktop during the exam. That means students can rely on the academic rigour that has always characterised AIB exams.


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