5 Ways To Make 2015 Your Most Productive Year Yet

5 Ways To Make 2015 Your Most Productive Year Yet

When you first return to work after spending the festive season on leave, productivity tends to be higher than usual due to your relaxed state. It’s important to capitalise on this lack of stress, and set yourself up for your most productive year in the workplace thus far. If you’re wondering how you can put yourself on track towards a successful 2015 – look to implement the following five tips.    

1. Keep meetings brief

In business, meetings tend to run overtime on a regular basis. The vast majority of the time this is not necessary, and a lot of small talk takes place. If you’re looking to prioritise efficiency and ensure you have a productive year, try to be the person who calls the meetings in the first place, and therefore closes them when relevant discussion is completed.

2. Plan out each day

Before you leave the office the previous evening, write a new list of everything that needs to be done the following day, as well as any meetings or appointments you have. This helps to start your morning on a fresh note, well aware of the tasks at hand. It also gives you greater flexibility to take on new tasks as you understand exactly how much work you currently have, and how much more you are able to take on.

3. Take smart business trips

If you’re a regular business traveller, make 2015 the year of productive business travel. Rather than travelling for one meeting, why not use the opportunity to catch up with all relevant contacts in that location. Plan ahead and let them know you will be in town, and use your time as productively as you can. Also, ensure you (or your personal assistant) books you the most efficient travelling times. For example, if you book early, you will have a choice of all available flight times, allowing you to choose the one which will give you maximum time to work.

4. Ensure your working environment is up to scratch

In order to have a productive year, you must start 2015 in the best possible working environment. For example, are there papers and unnecessary items left on your desk from 2014? If you clean up your working space and stock your desk with all relevant stationery, less time will be spent looking for these items at a later date. A clean working environment also helps ease stress levels, and therefore increases workplace productivity.

5. Spend less time on your email

In his book, The 4-Hour Work Week, Tim Ferriss recommends checking your email at only two set times per day. When you are constantly checking your emails, we often get distracted from a new task that has arrived in our Inbox. Rather than allowing this to happen, check your emails in the morning, and at about 3pm, then write down and list tasks in priority order. This will help to keep you focused on the tasks that were already assigned to you, and effectively prioritise.

What do you think?

Are you looking to make 2015 your most productive year yet? How do you plan to do so, and have you already implemented some of these tactics? I’d love to hear your plans and how you hope to make 2015 your most successful business year thus far.

This article was written by Laura Hutton on behalf of the Australian Institute of Business. All opinions are that of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of AIB.

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