5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Janaka Herat

5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Janaka Herat

At last year’s graduation ceremony, we sat down with MBA graduate Janaka to find out about his MBA experience studying in Sri Lanka, and how it has benefited him personally and professionally.

What motivated you to study an MBA and what were you hoping to gain?

What motivated me to study an MBA; that’s a ten-year question I would say! The initial motivation was career progression and recognition, but what actually motivated me to choose the AIB MBA was the tagline—the practical MBA—because I’m not much of an academic. But this gave me an angle that made it a very workable and enjoyable process.

A couple of years before my MBA, I had a manager who once said, “You need to do an MBA not for the result but for what the journey teaches you – the discipline to see something through and to address your processes and flaws. Not so much the result, but the journey,” and that is exactly what I got out of my MBA as well.

How did you find the MBA experience?

The MBA is more than just a parchment you receive at the end of the course; it is the learning that you receive right throughout. I was working towards that document you get at the end, but about halfway through I realised the difference it was making – the teachings, the practical experiences and the pitfalls that you’re going through now make sense to you. You understand and realise why you did certain things and why some things could have been done differently. The MBA is a process more than an end result.

How has the MBA benefited you personally and professionally?

Personally, I’ve started wearing spectacles and with the MBA, I lost a bit of hair! No, honestly, the MBA has given me a lot of self-confidence and more maturity in terms of my approach to work.

Professionally, an MBA carries a lot of weight and has given me a lot of recognition in my career. It gives you that backing to support what you’re saying and doing, which takes you a long way when you want to get something done from a managerial perspective.

It has given me a lot of confidence in implementing what I know and what I’m capable of. It’s also given me the courage and the gumption to step out of the norm, break out of the box, and try something new.

Why would you recommend the AIB MBA to others?

The time factor. In a one-year MBA, though the inception may look daunting, once you get into your stride, it makes life so much easier knowing that you see the end in sight. Because you take on an MBA later on in life, it can be difficult to stay focused as there are so many life-changing factors that come into play. But knowing the journey will only last a year helps keep you focused on the end result, and that really helped me.

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This article has been constructed by Megan Baker from an AIB interview. The very best has been done to accurately reflect the thoughts and opinions of the participant. 

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