5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Linda Ryland

Last modified 26 March 2019
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5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Linda Ryland

MBA Graduate Linda Ryland shared her MBA motivations and triumphs when we spoke with her following the AIB graduation ceremony last year. Read about her journey below. What was your motivation for doing an MBA with AIB? An MBA was always something I had wanted to do. I had heard about AIB and was interested in what they had available. I know a lot of people who are currently doing MBA’s and the feedback they have given from their institutions regarding support and time frames for completion was not very positive. In contrast, I had nothing but exceptional help and assistance from AIB throughout my MBA. How has the MBA been beneficial to you in your current position? The MBA has embedded my business knowledge and had a practical impact on my role, which involves temporarily leading teams within external organisations. Over a short period of time I have to ensure that I have an understanding of the organisation, the team members and their work ethic. The knowledge I have acquired from the MBA has enhanced my skills in particular in this area. Based on your experience, would you recommend AIB to others? I already have recommended it to one of my former colleagues. The MBA is one of the best programmes I have been involved in. It is intensive, but the level of support, that you must make sure that you use, is of the highest quality. This article has been constructed by Megan Baker from an AIB interview. The very best has been done to accurately reflect the thoughts and opinions of the participant. 

*The Australian Institute of Business (AIB) is Australia’s largest provider of MBAs. Source Ready, B. (2023) Domestic Enrolments Surged During COVID After International Students Locked Out, MBA News. Available at: MBA News.

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