5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Rebecca Hersant

Last modified 26 March 2019
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5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Rebecca Hersant

We recently caught up with MBA Graduate Rebecca Hersant to speak to her about her experiences as an AIB student and how completing an MBA has affected her life. 

How has completing an MBA changed your life or helped you achieve your personal or career goal?

From a personal perspective, it has certainly helped from a confidence level. I have been in management for 15 years now and I found I needed that additional confidence and knowledge. I wanted to further my knowledge, so from a personal perspective confidence was really crucial to me.  From a career perspective, it has been really advantageous to me as well.

How did you manage your MBA studies, work and personal commitments?

Juggling work, family, social life and my MBA was one of my biggest uncertainties when embarking on my MBA, but I found it’s all about time management really. As long as you set the right parameters and have your time management down pat from the beginning of the month, you are able to ensure that you can meet the study requirements. Also, having had management experience made it a little bit easier for me because I found it relatable and therefore, interesting.

So would you recommend the AIB MBA to your friends and colleagues?

Yes definitely, I already have. What I found particularly exceptional was the student support, which as a distance learning student, I utilised often.

This article has been constructed by Megan Baker from an AIB video interview. The very best has been done to accurately reflect the thoughts and opinions of the participant.

*The Australian Institute of Business (AIB) is Australia’s largest provider of MBAs. Source Ready, B. (2023) Domestic Enrolments Surged During COVID After International Students Locked Out, MBA News. Available at: MBA News.

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