AIB Academic Sherry Malik presents research paper at Australasian conference

AIB Academic Sherry Malik presents research paper at Australasian conference

The Australian Institute of Business would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Professor Sherry Malik, one of AIB’s academics, for recently presenting a research paper at the Australasian Conference on Business and Social Sciences.

Professor Malik presented his paper at the conference in Sydney on 13 – 14 April, and had the same paper accepted for publication in the Journal of Developing Areas.

His paper, entitled ‘Factors essential for longevity among Dow Jones Index organisations: QCA analysis,’ forms a study of the factors that make enterprises survive and thrive for an extended period of time.

“I was always fascinated with the idea of how certain organisations always get it right, so I decided to investigate why certain organisations do well regardless of the economic conditions,” Professor Malik said.

“I managed to narrow down the factors using a method called Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) which showed that the main drivers of longevity are resources and innovation,” he said.

“This means that companies tend to sustain for long periods if its organisational resources are effectively managed and at the same time, an environment of innovative capabilities is created within the organisation.”

Professor Malik said his recent success in the journal was confirmation and validation of his work and the highest form of respect for an academic.

“The conference gives you the opportunity to meet people in your subject area, and the ability to network with them and share ideas makes you feel highly respected, simply because you have created knowledge which will now be used around the world.”

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