Today, cyber security is on the workplace agenda of all enterprises in much the same way as workplace safety and HR requirements. There is a growing demand for leadership teams to develop a strategy, processes, and compliance measures required to protect the organisation from cyber threats and respond quickly and confidently to security breaches.

This 30-Day Masterclass offers the opportunity for Managers and Executives to expand their knowledge of the ever-increasing cyber-threat landscape. Which will better prepare their organisation with the appropriate security and data protection requirements to boost its resilience and operational continuity.


Note there are no scheduled classes in 2021 for this course, please see our full suite of courses here.


In just 30 days you’ll engage in practical case studies and assessments that will immediately enhance your cyber security understanding as well as:



  • Identify the types of cyber threats, the risks to a business and the likely threat players.
  • Understand and the managerial responsibilities regarding cyber breaches and how to report these.
  • Investigate a cyber security policy compliance and risks from a managerial perspective.
  • Develop a governance framework and evaluate the suitability of a cyber security model for your organisation.
  • Analyse the procedures required for effective monitoring and patching of business’s ICT systems and develop a data security policy.
  • Create a cyber disaster recovery plan for your organisation and manage the testing and evaluation of the plan.

What You’ll Cover

Understand why cyber security is a critical consideration for all modern enterprises, learn to analyse the organisation’s ICT environment for potential threats and vulnerabilities, and know the managerial and legal obligations in compliance and reporting.

Learn how to manage identified risks, develop an ICT security policy, implement an ICT governance framework and evaluate theoretical security models to inform your decision-making.

Adopt practical cyber security actions and procedures that your organisation should be undertaking, and learn to keep your organisation’s data secure.

Understand the disaster planning process that ensures a business can continue to operate in the event of a partial or complete loss of its cyberinfrastructure.

How will my organisation benefit?

Your organisation will gain:

  • more informed managers and executives that can create effective cyber security strategies to protect your organisation
  • have thorough policy compliance and governance frameworks – a vial component to cyber security for all enterprises 


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Professor Tony Watson

You’ll be in very experienced hands with your course facilitator, Professor Tony Watson, with a career spanning over 40 years within the computing industry and academia. Professor Watson has international and domestic recognition for the consultancies and research projects he has undertaken. Possessing a diverse skillset, Professor Watson has been a member of various Government advisory committees and international conferences and is currently an Emeritus Professor at Edith Cowan University. He is an engaging character that believes everyone should take responsibility for cyber security and will help you on your journey to better understand the cyber security world.


$1,995 (AUD)

Total Upfront Cost (2020)

As an online provider, we don’t have the expenses of maintaining campuses and lecture theatres, so you won’t pay for things you don’t need. Instead, we invest in quality education and academic teams, student support services and innovative technological advancements.

The short course was timed perfectly and allowed plenty of time to view the resources and complete the activities. The added bonus of permitting the participants to access the resources long after the course close date is very much appreciated and a nice touch.

Masterclass Student

AIB’s 30-Day Masterclass is a non-accredited, non-award course. However, all students will receive an AIB Masterclass Certification upon completion of the course.  Terms and conditions apply.