If an MBA’s on your career bucket-list but you don’t quite meet the eligibility criteria, the MBA Pathway non-award course is the most cost effective and time efficient way to get there.

In little as 4 months you can hit the ground running on your MBA journey.  This course is 100% online and self-paced learning so you can choose how quickly you want to complete it and be on your way to studying your MBA.

You’ll study four 4-week modules with a recommended study time of 75 hours per module designed to set you up for success in the MBA. You will learn how to write academically, produce detailed investigative reports and develop persuasive business plans to get your innovative ideas off the ground. You’ll have the flexibility to choose when you read the course content, submit assessments and complete the course.


Learn the basics in academic writing, genres and references

Activities include:

  1. Structuring a piece of academic writing
  2. Referencing and academic integrity
  3. Paraphrasing, summarising, note-taking basics
  4. Graded assessment: extended written response

Helping you to write an academic essay

Activities include:

  1. Library research skills
  2. Structuring an academic essay
  3. Academic style, register and tone
  4. Graded assessment: academic essay

Learn how to write detailed professional reports

Activities include:

  1. Critical analysis of information and data
  2. Structuring a report
  3. Synthesising information
  4. Graded assessment: investigative research report

Formulate a comprehensive business plan

Activities include:

  1. Structuring a business plan
  2. Structuring a business pitch
  3. Using language to persuade
  4. Graded assessment: business plan

When do I submit my assessments?

Each graded assessment submission point is always open (for the current module being completed). There are no set due dates for activities or graded assessments, however, every fortnight on Thursday 11:55 pm Adelaide time, whatever you have submitted into the portal will be accepted as ready for grading/feedback. You will only be permitted to submit your next graded assessment if you have successfully completed the preceding graded assessment. There will be a range of activities, such as short quizzes, throughout each module. Quizzes, activities and other formative assessments will not count towards your final grade but submitting them for feedback is highly recommended. Only graded assessments will be marked and the grade received will determine pass or fail for that module. Re-attempts and re-enrolment may be permitted. See T&Cs for more information.



Australia & International

2021 Course Fees (AUD)



Your payment options include:


If you’re interested in studying the MBA Pathway, here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Be a minimum of 21 years old. 


  • Either completed year 12 OR completed a Certificate 4 (AQF Level 4) or higher OR successfully passed the “Graduate Record Examination” (GRE) General test (if year 12 has not been attained; GRE minimum scores: Overall GRE 304, GRE Quantitative 152, GRE Verbal 152); 


  • Three years full-time equivalent (FTE) work experience + One year full-time equivalent (FTE) in a leadership role. “Leadership role” can be defined as a formal team leader, volunteer team leader, sports manager/significant coaching role, Aboriginal Elder, church/community leader, chairing roles/board member. 


  • Written a personal statement telling us why you want to study the MBA Pathway and how you plan to fit it into your other life commitments (one A4 page, size 12pt)



  • English Language Requirements for AIB postgraduate coursework courses


Chat to us if you’re unsure if you meet the entry criteria and we can assist you.



You can apply for the MBA Pathway in just 20 minutes. Once you apply, a Course Advisor will be in touch and you’ll receive a letter of offer (if eligible). Should you have any questions or require further assistance, contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

  1. Check eligibility: Start by checking your eligibility here. Be sure to select “Master of Business Administration” under the Programme Selection. If you are deemed eligible for the MBA, that’s great! Follow the prompts to apply. If you are deemed ineligible for the MBA, a pop-up message will appear. Simply tick “I am interested in MBA Pathway” to let us know you’re keen to study the MBA Pathway.
  2. Reserve Your Spot: Once you’ve checked your eligibility, you will need to “Reserve Your Spot”. Once filled out, you will be directed to complete the full online application form.
  3. Apply: Complete the online application form. During this process, you’ll need to upload your documentation so that we know more about you and your experience. You’ll show us your work and leadership experience on your resume and provide a minimum of two relevant referees, one of which is from a direct manager.
  4. Review: After submitting your application, we will review your information and documents so that we can recommend the right program for you. If the MBA Pathway is the best choice for you right now, we will ask you to email us your written statement of no more than one A4 page long.
  5. Letter of offer and payment: If you’re eligible for the MBA Pathway, you will receive a formal letter of offer and an invoice for the course fee. The letter of offer is our way of saying “We’d love you to study with us!” If you are happy to proceed, simply make payment.
  6. Enrol and start: Once payment is received, you will receive an official welcome email from us with your login details to the Student Learning Portal. Once the learning materials are released, you’ll start studying!


The MBA Pathway is your ticket into the MBA. The MBA Pathway can be completed quickly and is highly flexible – helping you achieve your goal of getting into the MBA sooner!

Here’s what we mean:

  • You can start the MBA Pathway whenever you like: no need to wait for term start dates.
  • You can complete this course in just 4 months! You will study four 4-week long modules designed to set you up for success when you do study the MBA. You can finish these modules as quickly as you like or complete within the maximum duration of 12 months.
  • You will learn how to write academically, produce detailed investigative reports and develop persuasive business plans to get your innovative ideas off the ground.
  • No exams or assessment deadlines to meet, so long as you complete the MBA Pathway in 12 months.


My MBA from AIB has enabled me to take further steps in general management by having a solid understanding of all facets of business. I am already experiencing career progression directly related to the MBA study, and believe my career will continue to flourish now that I have completed the qualification. The experience for me was enlightening, I have learnt a great deal, and would recommend AIB without question.

Heath Barclay
Associate Director Sales and Marketing, Bridgestone Australia