AIB Virtual Grad Event

Along with the 2020 virtual event, we are creating a virtual celebration compilation video and a social media campaign to honour you – our graduands – and we need you to make it happen!

Participate in our pass it on video and high five your fellow graduands to congratulate one another on the hard work you’ve all put into it achieving your degree. If we could, we’d be high-fiving you in-person, but doing it virtually is the next best thing.


1. Get some inspiration from our staff members in the example video.
2. Get into your finest graduation attire! Did someone say homemade gown? Don’t forget to wear your colourful AIB mortarboard.
3. Set up your device, whether it be your phone, tablet or laptop, and start filming. Asking a loved one to help may make it easier. Film in landscape, like the example video.
4. Start off by accepting an imaginary high five using your RIGHT hand from the right of the camera frame. Do your best to have your hand reach just outside of the camera frame!
5. Then, show us how you are celebrating your achievement from home! You can do anything you like, but if you’re stuck, here are some ideas: Accept a hug from a loved one (human or furry), throw your hat in the air, do a happy dance, cheers with a drink, receive or hold up your AIB parchment, put on your makeshift graduation gown, wave to your loved ones in the crowd.
6. Get ready to pass it on. When you’re done celebrating, high five using your LEFT hand to the left of the camera frame. End the video recording. Don’t worry if there’s any sound in the video, as it will all be removed and music will be added.

Submit your video footage and any pictures you also capture via the link below. There’s no sign up or log in required, simply upload and send your files.

Your submission will be edited together with the entire graduating class, and your high fives will reach each other all around the world! We’ll be premiering the video on the day of the event, so you will see it first!

If you’re having difficulties submitting your video via WeTransfer, you may send it via your preferred method to our graduation team on