At AIB, we are committed to continuously evolving and improving the online learning experience for our students, which is driven largely by the valuable student feedback we receive and the latest digital learning advancements.

The following changes to assessments and the subject enrolment process will take effect from term 6 2020.

Important changes to your AIB assessments

The number of assessments

We heard your feedback loud and clear regarding the number of assessments that you complete in each subject, and as a result, we’re making a major update to our Assessment Procedure. From term 6 onwards, we’ll be transitioning from three graded assessments per subject to two, for most of the subjects you’ll study.

This change will mean an ease in the time management challenges which inevitably come with completing three assessments in seven weeks, as well as to provide a buffer of time in which your first assessment can be marked and returned to you, ensuring that feedback can be of value to your next assessment.

There are two subjects that will retain three assessments, and they are Leadership and Project. As the first subject of the qualification, the three-assessment structure within Leadership enables students to receive more feedback on paper submissions than they would from two assessments, and this helps to set new students up for success throughout the degree. In the capstone subject, Project, assessment is divided into three smaller chunks, with the first and second submissions being crucial stepping-stones to the Project report, as they help to ensure students are on the right path.

The requirement that you attempt all assessments

Along with the move to two assessment pieces in most subjects comes the new requirement that all assessments which count towards your grade must be attempted 

There’s an important reason behind this. Each assessment will typically have you demonstrate different learning outcomes of the subject and course. In a two-assessment subject, if only one assessment is submitted, our markers will be unable to verify that you endeavoured to address all the subject learning outcomes. As a result, a non-attempt of an assessment will now lead to a failed subject grade.  

This doesn’t mean, for example, that if you submit and fail the first assessment, you cannot go on to pass the subject. It is certainly possible to do that, provided you demonstrate the learning outcomes in both assessment pieces, and do well enough in the subsequent one.

How will this impact me?

It’s really important that you’re across these significant changes to how you’ll be assessed from term 6 onwards. If you require support in the lead up to an assessment due date, don’t hesitate to contact your Online Learning Facilitator for assistance. 

Get feedback on your assessments via Turnitin

You already use Turnitin to assist with the academic integrity of your written assessments, and now, we’re expanding its functionality! As of term 6 2020, you’ll be able view feedback comments on your assessments in Turnitin, alongside the Turnitin Originality Report. This means that the feedback you need will all be in one place, and you’ll be able to better associate remarks specific areas of your paper.

In addition, there will no longer be the requirement to convert your assessment to a PDF file before uploading it. Both Word documents (.docx) and PowerPoint files (.pptx) will be supported by Turnitin, minimising the admin activity required before you submit. Every AIB student has access to Office 365 which includes Word and PowerPoint.

You can now submit oral presentations to Turnitin by using your AIB Zoom account. Just provide the link to your Zoom recording via the online text input box when you submit.

How will this impact me?

Each of the enhancements will enable greater flexibility and accessibility in how you use Turnitin. They’re important to be aware of, but there’s nothing you need to do for now. Further details will be provided within in each term 6 subject to help you get acquainted with these enhancements and how best to maximise them.

Manage your timetable online with the new Enrolment Tracker

There are some exciting changes coming to how you re-enrol and manage your AIB timetable!

To date, all your subject enrolments have, in consultation with you, been planned and finalised by an AIB Enrolment Advisor. But with the introduction of our Enrolment Tracker with Timetable Tool, you’ll be able to choose your future subjects yourself and track the progress of your enrolment through each stage of the process – so you’ll always know where you’re at!

Within the Enrolment Tracker, you can:

  • Request a change in specialisation
  • Request a change of payment method
  • Create and edit your own timetable online, giving you the ability to better plan and manage which subjects you study and when you study them
  • Browse available subjects and explore what you’ll learn and get out of each of them
  • Plan your timetable for your entire degree, with as little or as much help from our recommended study pathways as you like, giving you greater flexibility

Our entire Enrolment Support Team will remain available to assist you! Whether it’s to make amendments to your timetable, to help you choose your next subjects or for general enrolment support – we’re always here to help.

How will this impact me?

You can now have greater control over your enrolments! When it’s time to enrol into your next subjects, we’ll email you a link to the enrolment tracker to complete the process. Until then, there’s no action you need to take.

Catch a glimpse of how the Enrolment Tracker works in this video.