Giselle Lawrence

BBA holds immediate industry relevance for business

  • Industry: Healthcare & Medical
  • Mode of study: Teaching Centre
  • Location: Trinidad and Tobago
  • Programme: BBA
  • Themes: Practicality,Work-Life Balance
  • Motivation: Personal achievement
  • Challenges: Family Commitments,Work Commitments
  • Seniority: Low-Level

created on 29/06/2015

BBA graduate Giselle Lawrence enjoys her roles in the pharmaceutical and upholstery industries so much that she’d never call them ‘work,’ so the concept of work-based learning at AIB quickly became more like life-based learning for her.

“My studies have affected my whole life,” she said. “The BBA has enabled me to become more professional and more effective, and I have truly become a huge asset both to Medfarm and to the family business.”

With two part-time roles and a young family to support, Giselle said she appreciated the flexibility of AIB’s BBA programme, which she graduated from this year after studying at the SITAL Teaching Centre in Trinidad and Tobago.

Giselle saw immediate benefit from the industry relevance of the BBA subjects, which she’s been using to support and improve her work.

“All my assignments were work-based and I was able to even show my boss a thing or two on how the pharmacy could improve,” she said.

“I’ve used the skills I learned from marketing to be a better salesperson because I understand what the consumer wants and I know how to market the medications that are dispensed,” she said.

“I loved ecommerce – that subject showed me how easily I could start an online business, and how I could use the internet to make operations at the pharmacy more effective.”

“I used these skills to register my business online, and to market the upholstery business to an increasingly internet-savvy population.”

Every subject has held industry relevance for Giselle, who said the BBA has changed her attitude toward work, her boss, her comrades and even her customers for the better.

“The BBA has enabled me to become more professional and more effective. I can say that I have truly become a huge asset both to Medfarm, and to the family business.”

Giselle particularly enjoyed studying at the SITAL Teaching Centre in Trinidad and Tobago, including the support of her lecturers, who she says were always within reach.

“The various experiences of my classmates helped me grasp concepts more easily than if I was studying on my own,” she said.

“It was very encouraging, and it made me want to study harder. I couldn’t have gotten better grades without my friends and my lecturers.”

While Giselle’s greatest challenge was balancing her studies, family life and work commitments, she managed by setting time aside to study when her young daughter was asleep.

“My advice would be to set a meaningful and workable schedule and stick to it,” she said.

“Let your employers know that you are studying a BBA and let them see that you are applying what you are learning. Let them know your schedule in advance so they can give you the appropriate time off.”

With plans to travel in the near future and the ability to take her BBA anywhere around the world, Giselle said she can’t wait to study her MBA next, and maybe even the PhD after that.

“I would like to be able to work anywhere in the Commonwealth, and AIB makes that possible,” Giselle said.

“AIB opened up doors for me that a local degree couldn’t.”