Student Learning Portal

The Australian Institute of Business provides students with access to a modern online learning portal which brings many benefits in assisting students with their studies and allows easier access to various documents and useful links namely:

  • Access to your subject learning material once the subject is underway
  • Links to the following resources:
    • Orientation Module
    • Online Library
  • Student Handbook, Textbook List, Style Guide, Assignment and Exam Guide
  • Forms and Applications

This is the students’ primary portal throughout their course and provides the materials for their studies as well as access to subject specific forums and announcements. The forum enables students to interact with the student community or to ask questions, which may be answered by AIB or their fellow students.

If you are having trouble logging in with the details that have been provided to you by AIB please contact Student Relations: ua.ude.bianull@nimdatneduts