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The Fast-Track MBA

Designed for busy working professionals, this fully online MBA course is highly flexible and delivered with interactive, bite-sized content and personalised student support.

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The AIB student and alumni community is made up of over 16,000 business professionals, entrepreneurs and industry leaders, living and working across 95 countries. Coming from a range of professional backgrounds, industries and education levels, the AIB community is a highly diverse global cohort, and we’re incredibly proud of their successes. Hear what our graduates have to say about their experience at the Australian Institute of Business.

Meet our students

All of AIB’s students have a story to tell. Where they are from, what it’s like to study at AIB and what their ambitions are. Learn more about us, our students and our lecturers by watching some of the following testimonial videos from our Canadian students.

Have you attributed any successes directly to your MBA studies?

“I went from the director to the VP of people of culture, partway through the course and then I actually got promoted to VP of People and Culture and Regulatory and Operations. So, as I started to take more of the courses, I was able to apply them and my boss noticed that – so I’ve seen a couple of promotions through the process. And with that comes pay raises, and with that comes the opportunity to mentor other people. So I’ve loved it.”

Kristy Skwaruk, VP People, Regulatory Affairs & Operations, Dynaleo Inc. 

How has your learning impacted your business? 

“As I was doing the assignments, I was quickly putting those things into the MBA or into my work. I saw my top-line and bottom-line numbers in the business grow – as a result of a lot of the things that I was learning and implementing from the MBA. For me, it’s a real way that it has provided feedback.”

Luigi Nalli, President, Pinpoint Health

Why did you chose AIB?

One, I discovered that you didn’t have to do exams, I’m not a big fan of exams. And then I was told that instead of also paying everything one time, we’ll give you flexibility to pay in instalments until you graduate. So when I heard that, and I read a bit about the university, I was sold.

Thato Isaac, Entrepreneur, World Financial Group

Did you feel supported at AIB?

They were amazing. Everything was really straightforward, well organized, analytical, ie. you have to do this, at this time, this is how much it will cost you, this is how much of time and energy you need to invest to get these kinds of results. So, you’re really well guided through the process. And I loved that.

Staša Mlekuž, Official Spokesperson, Ministry of Health Slovenia

Do you recommend AIB’s MBA to others?

“I found the whole AIB learning experience fantastic. Having done my undergraduate degrees online via distance education. I was so impressed to see the quality of the materials, the support that was delivered online from such a broad and well-experienced faculty. And I would definitely recommend AIB as a business school for anyone looking for further education.

Louise Woodcroft, Group Manager of Talent & Engagement, Qantas

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