Listen to Canadian MBA students answer the most asked questions about the AIB MBA. Join MBA Students, Susan Hogarth, Jason King, Robert Wollach, AIB Team Leader and MBA Graduate Robert Kerrison and AIB Senior Course Advisor and MBA Student Vicki Tsimopoulos.

This webinar took place Tuesday 4 May 2021.

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  • How will the AIB MBA help me in my work? 1:45
  • Is the AIB MBA accredited in Canada and can I get a grant? 5:27
  • Will Canadian companies accept the AIB MBA? 7:15
  • How do assignments work? 8:19
  • What is it like to study online? 9:40
  • Can I study and work full time? 11:13
  • How does it work with the different time zones? 11:59
  • What are some challenges with studying an MBA? 12:52
  • What is it like to use eBooks and audio books? 13:20
  • Are there any major differences in the Canadian/Australian content? 16:11
  • Can the AIB MBA help me outside my work? 16:51
  • How can I reach out to current students and Alumni of AIB? 17:14
  • More information about the AIB MBA 17:34

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