Prof. Gayle Morris

Professor Gayle Morris

PhD (Applied Physical Chemistry), Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours): First Class, Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemistry (with Distinction)

Associate Dean (Research)

Research and teaching specialties

Physical chemistry with a focus on colloid and surface science


Prof Gayle Morris has an extensive background within the research and education sector, as a scientific researcher both in academia and industry, a research manager, and as an advocate for research and researchers. She is an active and successful scientific researcher for over twenty-five years, attracted significant nationally competitive and industry research funding, beginning at UniSA and including a period at Rio Tinto. She has held Director of Research positions at Flinders University and Victoria University.

Gayle is an active professional committee member, as a former Australasian Research Management Society (ARMS) President and current ARMS Governance Finance and Audit Committee member. She holds Adjunct Research Professor of UniSA and Adjunct Principal Research Fellow of RMIT University appointment positions, and was awarded a Fellow of ARMS in 2019 for enduring and substantial contribution to the profession.


Editorial Experience:

Referee of submitted manuscripts for international journals, including Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Colloids and Surfaces and International Journal of Mineral Processing.

Publications and Presentations

Journal Articles:

37 journal publications; H index = 25, as at May 2020

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Conference Abstracts, Papers and Proceedings:

50 Conference presentations; 7 invited lectures; over 40 technical reports and 25 technology workshops.

The five most recent:

  1. Morris, G. E. and Murray, A. (2019) Career Path Researcher Development: Women in STEM, Australasian Research Management Society 2019, Adelaide, September 2019.
  2. Morris, G. E. and Murray, A. (2019) Supporting Women in STEM: The Leadership Role Opportunity for Research Administration, SRAI – ARMS Meeting, Hawaii, 2019.
  3. Morris, G. E. and Yi, R. (2013) Sharing Research Administration Best Practice at the Local, National and International Level: ARMS Facilitated Strategic Cooperation, International Network of Research Management Societies 2014, Washington DC, USA, April 2014.
  4. Morris, G. E., Zhu, B., Gray, S. and Duke, M. (2013) New Generation Ceramic Membranes for Water Treatment Sustainability Advancement, Australian Colloid and Interface Symposium 2013, Noosa.
  5. Kerr, S., and Morris, G. E. (2012) Transforming research management into a career of choice, International Network of Research Management Societies 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark, May 2012.