Career Growth

A quality MBA can open doors and give you the business and leadership skills to make your mark. Find out how the AIB MBA can help achieve your career goals.

Employer Demand

In 2016, Graduate Management Admission Council reported healthy demand for recent graduates—especially MBA holders—and an increase in salaries on the horizon.

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The vast majority of employers who responded to the GMAC Year-End Poll of Employers (96%) say hiring recent business school graduates creates value for their companies.

GMAC 2016 Year-End Poll of Employers Report

Career Growth

Learn more, earn more.

Nearly 50% of our alumni get a salary increase within 12 months of completing our MBA programme, with graduates averaging an 11% annual income growth rate.

Invest in your success now

Infographic - 11% income increase after 12 months


11% Average annual income growth after graduation

2017 AIB Alumni Insights Report (PDF)

Estimate your return on investment

Not only have people moved into better roles but 22.4% have changed industries- with their renewed confidence and skills, they are now working in their industries.

Start your business

Our programmes are not just for those who want to exceed in the traditional corporate ladder; AIB boasts a significant number of business owners and starters. 22.9% of alumni surveyed now own their own business and get the opportunity to apply all their practical knowledge in their own business.


Alumni who own their own business

22.9% of alumni surveyed now own their own business.

2017 AIB Alumni Insights Report (PDF)

Catalyst for further learning

Our degree programmes are not only worthwhile investments in themselves but they offer stepping stones for even further comprehensive study.


Alumni Satisfaction

85% of our MBA alumni surveyed reported they would return to AIB again.

2017 AIB Alumni Insights Report (PDF)


A number of factors contribute to the graduates’ developed confidence: the practical nature of the programmes, the high quality and depth of learning and access to comprehensive resources, all of which help our graduates and current students to flourish in the workplace.


Increased self-confidence

64.7% of AIB MBA graduates surveyed experienced increased self-confidence.

2017 AIB Alumni Insights Report (PDF)

Furthermore, 75.1% benefited from enhanced professional development in their careers.

Grow your network

With more than 9,800 business school graduates across the world and Australia’s largest MBA community, you will be amongst your professional peers during and after your study with AIB, ensuring continuing success and connections, leading to the most valuable opportunities.

Our programmes also feature industry leading guest lecturers as part of your learning experience, plus regular networking events where you can meet and greet key business leaders and your peers.

"The MBA has helped me already in my career. A couple of months ago I received a promotion at work, it was a role that I was angling for for such a long time and I think the reason that I was successful in getting that role was because I was able to demonstrate that I was committed to study and learning and had that discipline around continuously challenging myself. The MBA absolutely opened up those doors for me. I think moving forward, what the MBA will give me is that sense of courage and resilience and confidence in my ability to do anything, whether it be in my professional career or my personal life. I think that the MBA may well open other doors for me, being in education for a long time; but there are lots of things that we do in education that are relevant to other business and that may broaden the opportunities that I’ll have in my career."

- Dina Kotsopoulos, Head of Panorama Product Managment and Implementation, BT Financial Group

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