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The Fast-Track MBA

Designed for busy working professionals, this fully online MBA course is highly flexible and delivered with interactive, bite-sized content and personalised student support.

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Information for Research Candidates

Courses and subjects

Courses/subjects: View information about the course design, course learning outcomes, pre-requisites and assumed knowledge, if any, of all AIB degrees, including Research Degrees.

Credit Transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): If you have previous qualifications or have studies with the institution that AIB has articulation agreement, you may be able to apply for exemptions from specific subjects. Please click to view the MMgt Exemptions document or to view exemptions opportunities for MBA subjects (note: some MBA subjects may be relevant for MMgt course).

RPL through Non-Formal or Informal Learning is not available for Research Degrees. Head over to the Articulation, Credit Transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning Policy and Procedure on the AIB Policies webpage for more details of AIB’s.

Delivery: AIB delivers its courses in an online mode, with coursework subjects supported by Online Facilitators and the research subjects supported by individual Research Supervisors.

Applications: Applications are now open.

Key Dates and Fees

Coursework subjects (where relevant) are offered over 8 weeks whilst Research subjects vary in duration from 16 weeks to 24 weeks.

The census date

The census date for a subject is the date on which you incur the subject fee and is therefore the last day on which a student can withdraw from subjects without incurring student contribution amounts (Commonwealth supported student) or tuition fees (fee-paying student).

See the above timetables for the census dates of your subjects.

Current fees for our research and research pathway course costs are as follows:

  • PhD $53, 586*
  • DBA $53,587*
  • MMgt $39,595*
  • GCRM $16,696*

*Note that AIB review their fees annually. Total course cost may vary depending on when the subject is undertaken.

Varying your enrolment including withdrawal

If you are finding your research candidature challenging, we encourage you to talk to your supervisors and/or the research support staff and consider a variation to your candidature enrolment. There is also a lot of support outlined in the Research Candidate Handbook and Support for Students Policy and Procedure.

There are several policies and procedures which you should refer to when considering varying your enrolment. These are the:

Enrolment variations can include leave of absence, change of full time/part time status, candidature or subject withdrawal, as outlined in the Higher Degrees by Research Procedure detailed above.

FEE-HELP Information

The Australian Institute of Business (AIB) is an approved FEE-HELP provider. FEE-HELP is an Australian Government loan scheme that assists eligible students in deferring part or all of their tuition fees through a loan. 

The Commonwealth Government initially pays the loan amount directly to AIB on the eligible student’s behalf, which can be repaid during or after study via the Australian tax system. Interest is not applied to FEE-HELP debts for approved postgraduate studies, including the AIB MBA course. However, an index amount is applied each year which is in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI). For further details, refer to Loan Indexation section of the Study Assist website.

Your eligibility for FEE-HELP is not affected by your income and assets. For more information about FEE-HELP and to check your eligibility, visit the Study Assist website. You can read about your Fee Help Loan obligations in the government’s  2024 Fee Help Booklet.

If you are planning to request a FEE-HELP loan, you will need:

  • a Tax File Number (TFN). If you don’t have a TFN yet, please apply online through the Australian Taxation Office website.
  • a Unique Student Identifier (USI)*.  To find out if you already have a USI, click here: Find Your USI. To create a USI, click here: Create USI
  • a Request for FEE-HELP loan form, which will be provided by AIB during your enrolment process. If you have any questions about filling this out, your assigned Course Advisor will walk you through this.
  • to fill out and submit your FEE-HELP loan form before the census date

When applying for a FEE-HELP loan at AIB, it is necessary to ensure that all personal details, including full name, date of birth, email, phone number, TFN and USI, exactly match those that are held with the Australian Taxation Office and USI Registry System. 

*From 1st January 2021, it is compulsory for all new higher education students to obtain a USI in order to be eligible for Government financial assistance i.e. FEE-HELP.

A new student is anyone commencing a new course of study from 1 January 2021, and the census date for their first unit of study is on or after 1 January 2021.  Depending on the circumstances, this includes students who are changing their course or their course specialisation, completing one course and then progressing into another, those returning from a study break or deferral, or transferring from one provider to another.

Supporting you at every step

Contact: One of the most important things to remember is that we’re here to guide you through to graduation. You can contact your AIB Research Programme Coordinator at rhd@aib.edu.au or +61 (8) 8212 8111.

Access to services and support: As per the Support for Students Policy and Procedure, which can be found in the AIB policies webpage, students are provided information of how to access educational resources such as personal support / student counselling and cultural support and ancillary services.

Hours of availability: Students can contact AIB during normal business hours (9:00am to 5.30pm Adelaide time) on +61 (8) 8212 8111.

Student well-being: EAP for students: As part of our commitment to supporting you through your journey with us, all AIB students have access to a confidential well-being support service (EAP – Employee Assistance Program). Through this service, you’ll receive counselling support, strategies and resources to help you to manage your life at home, study and work. Further information is available through the Student Learning Portal for current students.

  • Australian students can access counselling via telephone, face-to-face or Zoom.
  • International students can access counselling via telephone or Zoom.

AIB may offer further resources to students as identified in the Support for Students Policy and Procedure, located in the AIB policies webpage and as available via the Student Learning Portal and Student Safety and Wellbeing Resources webpage.

Access and Inclusion: At AIB we believe in the power of education to change lives and aim to remove any barrier which impacts on our students’ success.

Any student whose disability, mental health or medical condition impacts on their studies may be eligible for reasonable adjustments. As your specific need is as individual as you are, we will work with you to ensure you have the greatest chance of success. Some of the tools which are available are:

  • Audio version – all subjects have an Audio version which is freely downloadable and allows you to listen to your subject learning material on the go.
  • Read Speaker functionality – here you can highlight a specific section of your learning material and have it read back to you.
  • Subtitles*
  • Alt text*
  • Print

*still in development and deployment across all subjects.

Need help or would like to discuss your special need? You can contact your AIB Research Coordinator at rhd@aib.edu.au or +61 (8) 8212 8111.

Equity and Diversity: At AIB, we are proud of our diversity and we don’t tolerate harassment or discrimination of any kind from our students, staff or alumni. We have a diverse community that includes people of all faiths, genders, sexualities, ethnicities, mental health statuses and employment backgrounds. Our students find that this diversity allows them to draw on differing viewpoints and to supplement their own thinking; producing more robust academic arguments and a deeper understanding of the learning material.

IT and Other Information

System Requirements: As AIB is an online provider, you will need a computer that meets specific computer requirements with reasonable internet connection in order to take full advantage of the features and content of AIB’s online courses. This includes the ability to utilise AIB’s learning management system to access learning content, upload assessments, PDFs and multimedia such as videos, audio guides and podcasts (mp3).

AIB policies and procedures: Please head over to the AIB Policies & Procedures section of the website for relevant Policies and Procedures, including but not limited to the Higher Degrees by Research Policy and Procedure, Research and Scholarship Policy and Procedure, Research Integrity Breach Management Procedure, Articulation, Credit Transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning Policy and Procedure, Support for Students Policy and Procedure, Assessment Policy and Procedure, Awards and Graduation Policy and Procedure, Student Complaints, Grievances and Appeals Policy and Procedure, Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure, Student Equity and Diversity Policy and Procedure, Intellectual Property Policy and Procedure, Student Refund Policy and Procedure and the Withdrawal and Deferral Policy and Procedure.

To ensure you have the necessary information at your fingertips, you should read the policy in conjunction with its associated procedure.

Participate in decision making – student representation: AIB has a student or recent graduate on its Teaching & Learning Committee, Research & Higher Degrees Committee and Academic Board to provide valuable input in decision making by providing the student perspective.

Resolving grievances: The Student Complaints, Grievances and Appeals Policy and Procedure on the AIB Policies webpage provides details of how grievances are handled at AIB.

If you are not satisfied with any aspect of your studies, we would love the opportunity to resolve any grievance you may have on an informal basis. We encourage you to contact your Research Coordinator, in the first instance on email: rhd@aib.edu.au or call +61 (8) 8212 8111.

If we cannot resolve your grievance informally then you may submit a formal grievance using the appropriate Formal Grievance Form which the Academic Dean (or nominee) will respond to. If you think that the applicable policy/procedure was not followed and/or natural justice had not been applied, you have the opportunity to lodge an internal appeal with the Appeals Committee; lodging new details and documentary evidence at this time. If you are unsatisfied with the outcome of the internal appeal you may lodge an external appeal or request independent mediation.

Students can at any time bring along a support person and naturally they always have the right to seek legal advice. Note, grievance processes in relation to assessment or subject grades are managed as part of the re-marking process in the Assessment Policy and Procedure. Grievances related to responsible research conduct, should be referred to Research Integrity Breach Management Procedure.

Student Visa Holders: AIB is not a CRICOS-registered provider and is unable to enrol Student Visa holders.

Student Obligations: At AIB, we are proud of our diversity and hold our students to high standards of behaviour. We acknowledge that you, as a student, have rights and responsibilities to ensure a mutually respectful online learning environment. We expect both staff and students to be courteous and respectful in their interactions. Whilst we wholeheartedly encourage robust academic discussion and debate, we don’t tolerate harassment or discrimination of any kind from our students, staff or alumni. We have a diverse community that includes people of all faiths, genders, sexualities, ethnicities, mental health statuses and employment backgrounds.

We encourage you to check AIB Policies section on the website for relevant Policies and Procedures, including the Higher Degrees by Research Policy and Procedures, Student Code of Conduct Policy and Procedure, the Research and Scholarship Policy and Procedure, Research Integrity Breach Management Procedure, and Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure to ensure you meet AIB’s expected standards of behaviour and academic writing practices.

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