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Fast-Track MBA Subject

Subject Summary

Be at the forefront of organisational defence with Cyber Security for Managers. Studying this subject as part of your AIB MBA will help you develop an in-demand digital skillset. It focuses on a management approach to cyber resilience with an emphasis on prevention, detection and response strategies to cyber-attacks.

No matter what industry you’re in, as the digital landscape evolves, the risk of cyber-attacks grows. Cyber Security for Managers equips you with an understanding of the escalating cyber threats that modern businesses, governments, and non-profit organisations face. It outlines how to create a secure digital environment. This includes the development of comprehensive cyber security policies, disaster recovery planning and ensuring business continuity in the wake of cyber incidents.

You will explore various aspects of cyber security management, from understanding potential vulnerabilities and risk factors, to the implementation of effective countermeasures. The course content is rich with real-world examples and practical case studies. These will provide you with the essential tools and insights needed to protect businesses. By the end of this subject, you’ll be able to integrate cyber security strategies into broader business frameworks, empowering you to lead with confidence.

AIB Subject Code9024CSM
QualificationsMBA (General)
AQF LevelLevel 9
Delivery100% online
Subject Length8 weeks
Prerequisite SubjectsNone
Start Dates2024 MBA Timetable
2025 MBA Timetable 

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Subject Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this subject, you will be able to:

  • Understand the need for cyber security in context of the risks, threats, and attack vectors on an organisation’s digital information systems.
  • Analyse weaknesses and vulnerabilities in an organisation’s digital information systems to determine threats and controls for risk management.
  • Design cyber security policies that help mitigate the weaknesses in digital information systems, define organisational data governance protocols and comply with legal obligations.
  • Critically analyse and effectively communicate a complex cyber disaster recovery and contingency plan. Recommend improvements to inform professional practice using contemporary cyber security threats and best practice frameworks.
Key Topics
  • Cyber security foundations for managers
  • Threat landscapes
  • Cyber security policy development
  • Security models and cyber governance
  • Cyber security architecture and tools
  • Cyber incident response and investigation
  • Strategic disaster planning in cyber security


In Cyber Security for Managers, students are evaluated through two comprehensive assessments designed to deepen their strategic and practical understanding of cyber security. The first assessment challenges students to craft a report proposing robust cyber security policies tailored to an organization’s specific needs. The second assessment involves a critical analysis of an existing disaster recovery plan. This offers students a platform to demonstrate their mastery of cyber security theories and their application within organisations.

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How you will learn

100% Online MBA Learning

Our innovative Student Learning Portal is your ultimate digital resource for everything you’ll need to successfully complete this subject and your online MBA, with the flexibility to access your learning materials, videos, podcasts and other multimedia on any device. You’ll engage with fellow students and have key concepts explained by your Online Facilitators in webinars and forums.


In addition to the Student Learning Portal, the myAIB app allows you to download modules and full subjects to view offline to save your cellular data, receive notifications for assessments and webinars, listen to audio versions of modules through Soundcloud and enjoy many other useful features.

The myAIB learning portal app is available on Google play and on the Apple app store.

AIB supports your success

When you study with AIB, you’ll be supported by our skilful team of over 180 academic, student support and professional staff, who will be with you every step of your MBA journey.

Student Learning Portal

  • Our innovative Student Learning Portal provides all the resources and support you’ll need to successfully complete your MBA studies


  • Highly qualified and experienced academics
  • Practice-centric curricula, innovative learning resources and realistic assessment techniques

Study Tools

  • Access to tools you’ll need to successfully complete your degree and excel in your career including Office 365, LinkedIn Learning, Scite_, GrammarlyEDU and Endnote

Student Support

  • Dedicated student and enrolment teams
  • Supporting you with any issues big or small from orientation to graduation

Online Facilitators

  • Each class has a dedicated Facilitator (OLF) and a limit of just 50 students to ensure you’ll benefit from high levels of interaction, relationship building and learning

Wellbeing and career support

  • Access to a confidential support service providing personal counselling, wellbeing advice and career assistance

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What will I learn if I choose to study Cyber Security for Managers?

Choosing to study Cyber Security for Managers with AIB will equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the crucial aspects of cyber security from a managerial perspective. You’ll learn about the different types of cyber-attacks, strategies for prevention, detection, and response, and how to develop and implement effective cyber security policies. Additionally, you’ll gain insights into disaster recovery planning and ensuring business continuity in the aftermath of cyber incidents.

Does this course explore the technical aspects of how cyber-attacks are executed?

This is not a technical subject on the detailed workings of attacks. Instead, the course explores a management approach to cyber resilience, cyber disaster planning and recovery methods.

Which roles and fields can I apply my knowledge from Cyber Security for Managers to?

Studying Cyber Security for Managers with AIB opens up a wide range of career opportunities in various sectors. Graduates can pursue leadership roles in cyber security within corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organisations. Potential positions include Cyber Security Analyst, Cyber Security Assessor, Risk Management Consultant, and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). This subject also prepares individuals for roles that require strategic oversight of digital security measures, such as IT Project Manager, Data Protection Officer and Compliance Officer.

Do I need prior knowledge of Cyber Security to take this subject?

No, prior knowledge of Cyber Security is not necessary. The subject is tailored for learners of all experience levels and diverse professional backgrounds. Every manager can benefit from understanding how to protect businesses in cyberspace.

How is the subject structured and delivered?

Cyber Security for Managers is delivered over eight weeks of structured learning. Weekly online webinars are hosted with your online class and led by Online Learning Facilitators who facilitate interactive discussions on cyber security topics, case studies and application of concepts within organisations. Contribution in live webinars enables you to learn not only from the learning material and facilitator, but from the experiences and viewpoints of fellow professionals studying alongside you. Don’t worry if you can’t make all the live webinars though – they’re recorded, so you can watch at any time. The subject includes two assessments – one due mid-way through the subject and the other at the end.

How do I apply to study Cyber Security for Managers with AIB?

If you’re interested in studying Cyber Security for Managers within the AIB MBA, get in touch with an AIB Advisor to discuss your application and timetabling. 
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