Dr. Kavita Goel

BCom(H), MCom, MPhil, ACMA, PhD(Finance)

Discipline Leader and Senior Lecturer in Finance

Research and teaching specialties

Capital Structure, Corporate Governance, Emerging Economies, Capital Markets, Financial Management, Corporate Finance, Financial Markets and Institutions, Investment Management, Financial Accounting, Micro Economics


Dr. Kavita Goel is Finance Lecturer at AIB and the MBA Program Coordinator at the institute. Kavita received her Doctorate (PhD) in the area of Finance from the renowned Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi (India). She is a qualified Cost and Management Accountant (ACMA) and holds Master of Philosophy and Master of Commerce from Delhi School of Economics (India).

She has over 20 years of academic experience, teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students in several finance and accounting subjects in different universities in India, Africa and Australia. She is an active researcher, with her work being published in several academic journals. Kavita also presented in many national and international referred conferences. She is a reviewer of many journal articles. Kavita’s research interests are in the areas of capital markets, Capital Structure, Emerging economies and Corporate governance. She is also a member of the Financial Services Institute of Australia (FINSIA) and Action Learning Action Research Association (ALARA).

Email: Kavita.Goel@aib.edu.au

Publications and Presentations

Refereed Journal Articles

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Refereed Conference Papers

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Goel, K & Winchester, D, 2018, ‘Impact of CEOs dominance on firm performance: evidence from Australian Corporate Sector” at the 7th International Conference on Business, Management and Governance (ICBMG 2018) conference held at University of Western Australia at Perth, WA, during 19-21 November 2018.

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Non-Traditional Publication (AIB Review): 

Goel, K 2020, ‘Deferring loan repayments (Moratorium): Think before you act ’, Australian Institute of Business Review, Issue: 1, Adelaide, Australia.

Sun, M and Goel, K 2020, ‘Climate change – Why people don’t care?’, Australian Institute of Business Review, Issue: 2, Adelaide, Australia.

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