We are committed to supporting our students to be successful in their studies, and celebrating their achievements during and after they’ve completed their studies. Ahead of each graduation ceremony, students who achieved outstanding academic results in their MBA are commended for their hard work and commitment.

The Dean’s Merit List recognises students who achieve academic results in the top 10% of their graduating class, with a GPA over 6.00, and are in accordance with the Dean’s Merit List and Valedictorian Award Procedure and Policy. The highest-performing student also receives the prestigious Valedictorian Award, signifying their academic excellence. The Dean’s Merit List recipients and Valedictorian Award winners are presented by Graduation Ceremony below.

Valedictorian Award and Dean’s Merit List Recipients by Graduation Ceremony

Veronica Mary Scriven (Valedictorian Award Winner)

Jessica Helen Laubscher (Valedictorian Award Winner)

Selma Andrea Barlow (Valedictorian Award Winner)

Aaron James Musgrave

Aaron Joseph Browne

Aliye Ozcan

Anthony James Barry

Benjamin John Neroni

Carla Marisa Rando

Catherine May King

Christopher Richard Smith

David George Flett

David Vincent Schembri

Erin Louise Seymour

Fiona Leanne Sewell

Glenys Kay Noble

Ian Douglas Mathlin

Jacqueline Delaney Walton

Jarred William Twigg

Jayson Kent Williams

Jeremy Buckmaster

Jewli Anne Turier

Joseph Andrew Stuart Shedden

Lam Hoi Tai

Leonard Joseph McKeown

Matthew Patterson Norrie

Michael David Denton

Nerida Ann Cunneen

Olivia Marie DiSisto

Robyn Ruth Brown

Rochelle Kim Devlin

Sarah Charlotte Gee

Susan Catherine McGovern

Tara Lee Kelly

Toni Maree Edwards

Vi Hong

Debbonaire Jennifer Reid-Spirk (Valedictorian Award Winner)

Daniel Alexander Carrigan (Valedictorian Award Winner)

Benjamin Frederick Snell

Benjamin Nicholas MacIsaac Lovett

Brent Allan Lukian

Cheryl Ladikos

Dean Anthony Jamieson

Deshnie Naicker

Ellen Louise Moffatt

Firouzeh Parkes

Hafiz Ali

Jennifer Kay Horsley

Joseph Mayock

Matthew Robert Regan

Michael David Ianni

Michael David Jankowski

Michele Mary Berkhout

Paul J. Parkes

Robert John Lesyk

Robert Jovcevski

Sae Won Om

Simone Benn

Susan Karakashian Simao

Svetlana Skvortsova

Timothy David Nelson

Tracey Judeline Duff