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The Fast-Track MBA

Designed for busy working professionals, this fully online MBA course is highly flexible and delivered with interactive, bite-sized content and personalised student support.

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Fast-Track MBA Subject


It’s time to start your Master of Business Administration (MBA) journey with the first subject – Leadership.

Studying your online MBA, Leadership plays an important role in the context of your entire learning experience. It will see you set out a leadership development roadmap which you will build on throughout your studies, helping build your influence as a leader at all levels. Your leadership learning will also be particularly applicable to the future subjects you study, as you consider a leader’s perspective within the different areas and functions of business. By the time you reach the end of your MBA, your capabilities as a leader will be significantly enriched.

Subject Summary

The AIB MBA Leadership subject puts you and your leadership development – whether you’re an emerging or seasoned leader – at the centre of your learning. You’ll begin by identifying your leadership style and understanding your existing skills and competencies, which will enable you to recognise the gaps in your leadership skills for development. At the same time, you’ll engage with traditional and contemporary leadership theories and practices, reflecting on them in the context of your own work roles for immediate impact. Importantly, the subject also provides you with insights in interpersonal and organisational dynamics which are necessary for navigating complex relationships in the workplace.

You’ll walk away from this Leadership course with an understanding of what you value most as a leader and where you need to start actioning on those realisations. In addition, you’ll have a greater understanding of what it means to undertake your MBA – with the confidence to knock it out of the park.  

AIB Subject Code8001LEAD
QualificationsMBA (General)
All MBA Specialisations
AQF LevelLevel 8
Delivery100% online
Subject length8 weeks
Start dates12 intakes per year
2024 MBA Timetable

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Subject Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this subject, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate advanced understanding of leadership theories, concepts and practice, including both traditional and contemporary forms of leadership.
  • Critically evaluate various modes of leadership with consideration of ethical and socially responsible practice.
  • Effectively communicate and apply relevant leadership principles to address diverse needs of various stakeholders.
  • Develop a critically reflective leadership model for your own development.
Key Topics
  • Leadership, Non-Leadership and Followership
  • Traditional Theories of Leadership
  • Contemporary Leadership Approaches
  • Socially Responsible Leadership
My Leadership OLF consistently challenged our cohort to dig deeper and find those gaps and opportunities for growth. The deeper I went, the wider my eyes became; it was a cathartic journey. I am a more complete and better leader today than at any other point in my personal and professional life. From my perspective, there could be no greater beginning to the AIB MBA journey than Leadership!

How you will learn

100% Online MBA Learning

Our innovative Student Learning Portal is your ultimate digital resource for everything you’ll need to successfully complete this subject and your online MBA, with the flexibility to access your learning materials, videos, podcasts and other multimedia on any device. You’ll engage with fellow students and have key concepts explained by your Online Facilitators in webinars and forums.


In addition to the Student Learning Portal, the myAIB app allows you to download modules and full subjects to view offline to save your cellular data, receive notifications for assessments and webinars, listen to audio versions of modules through Soundcloud and enjoy many other useful features.

The myAIB learning portal app is available on Google play and on the Apple app store.

AIB supports your success

When you study with AIB, you’ll be supported by our skilful team of over 180 academic, student support and professional staff, who will be with you every step of your MBA journey.

Student Learning Portal

  • Our innovative Student Learning Portal provides all the resources and support you’ll need to successfully complete your MBA studies

Wellbeing and career advice

  • Access to a confidential support service providing personal counselling, wellbeing advice and career assistance


  • Highly qualified and experienced academics
  • Practice-centric curricula, innovative learning resources and realistic assessment techniques

Study Tools

  • Access to tools you’ll need to successfully complete your degree and excel in your career including Office 365, LinkedIn Learning, Scite_, GrammarlyEDU and Endnote

Student Support

  • Dedicated student and enrolment teams
  • Supporting you with any issues big or small from orientation to graduation

Online Facilitators

  • Each class has a dedicated Facilitator (OLF) and a limit of just 50 students to ensure you’ll benefit from high levels of interaction, relationship building and learning

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What will I learn in the Leadership MBA subject?

Despite our students bringing a wealth of general leadership experience into the MBA journey, when you combine leadership theory with reflective practice, Leadership becomes a transformative subject. Students will be prompted to articulate their unique leadership profile, which adopts a strengths-based approach, and identifies how they can level up their leadership legacy from a personal, team and organisational perspective. Over the course of the MBA, students will get to put these learnings into practice within a broader organisational context by exploring each of the major functional areas of a business and identifying how they can leverage their leadership strengths to optimise performance.

Why is there a Leadership subject in the MBA?

At its core, Leadership is about influence and, thus, is an essential skill for managers at all levels as it plays an important role in shaping organisational performance. Learning about leadership and reflecting on the role of a leader within one’s organisation will help individuals become better practitioners. Leadership, therefore, is an important subject at the core of the MBA program.

How does an MBA help you become a leader?

An MBA enables professionals to acquire both the strategic and leadership skills necessary to lead businesses. An MBA helps management professionals gain a comprehensive understanding of their business environment and the complex issues associated with it. Through the process of analysing and solving these business issues, an MBA students’ ability to think strategically is challenged and refined. The lens through which they view problems and decision-making is broadened, as MBA students develop a holistic view of the business world.

What will I study after Leadership?

Following completion of Leadership, students undertake the subject Strategic Management, followed by two more core compulsory business subjects to complete the Graduate Certificate – the first of three stages of the MBA.

How will leadership MBA studies help me at work?

Studying Leadership, you will have the opportunity to explore new ideas and concepts, implement them as part of your day-to-day work, review and reflect on the impact and outcomes, and then re-plan and implement them as part of a cycle of experiential learning. Studying online, you can be studying one evening and apply your learning the very next day at work.

How do I apply to study Leadership?

If you’re interested in studying Leadership and the AIB MBA, get in touch with an AIB Advisor to discuss your application and timetabling.  

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