We’re truly excited and honoured that you’re looking to take the next step in your career with an MBA from AIB.

At AIB, we like to keep things simple, so everything you’ll need to apply is right here. To make your application as seamless as possible, simply follow the tips below. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

Completing your application form.

Have the following documents ready to complete your application as quickly as possible:

A) Resume

Provide your resume (curriculum vitae) showing a detailed history of your work experience.

Incorrect Resume
  • Not up to date.
  • Does not showcase key skills in: financial management, project management, staff supervision/direct reports, budgeting.
Correct Resume
  • Must be current.
  • Must showcase key skills in: financial management, project management, leadership and budgeting, as applicable.

B) Passport or birth certificate or citizenship certificate

Provide ONE of the following documents as proof of identification: passport, birth certificate or citizenship certificate.

If name on document is different from current name, please include evidence of name change such as: marriage certificate, divorce certificate or change of name certificate/deed poll. (Issued by the Registry for Births, deaths and marriages or equivalent overseas).

Incorrect Passport
  • Copy is cut-off.
  • Out of focus and difficult to read.
  • Black and white copy without certification.
  • Expired.
  • Scan or photo of a scanned copy.
Correct Passport
  • Must be a whole picture of your current passport, birth certificate,or citizenship certificate, not cut off in any areas.
  • Must be a clear, in-focus image.
  • Must be in full colour (black and white will only be accepted if certified).
  • Must be scan or photo of original document.

C) Academic transcript (if required)

Provide a colour copy, or colour photograph of your official parchment(s) or academic transcript(s) relevant to your application.

If the original documentation is not in English, you will be required to provide colour copies translated in English by an offical translator (ideally registered with National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Ltd (known as NAATI or equivalent overseas)).

Incorrect Transcript
  • Copy is cut-off.
  • Out of focus and difficult to read.
  • Black and white copy without certification.
Correct Academic Transcript
  • Must be a whole picture of your official transcript or parchment.
  • Must be a clear, in-focus image .
  • Must be in full colour (black and white will only be accepted if certified).

Don’t have colour documents?

If your documents are not in colour, please ensure they are properly certified, according to these instructions:

  1. Include a statement on the document that reads: “I, the undersigned, certify this document to be a true copy of the original”.
  2. Under this statement, a person who is legally authorised to certify documents must sign: i.e. Lawyer, Justice of the Peace, Peace Commissioner, Commissioner of Oaths, Notary Public, Judge, Magistrate, a member of the Australian Immigration Department, Embassy or Consulate. For more information:
  3. The authorised person must include: their official stamp/chop/seal.
  4. The authorised person must include the date and their full name, signature and business contact telephone number.

During the application process, you’ll also need to:

  • Confirm that your personal information is correct.
  • Answer questions relating to English language proficiency. Click here for more information regarding English Requirements.
  • Provide 2 referees who meet the following criteria, if you are applying via managerial pathway:
    • Must have known you in a professional capacity* within the last 5 years, and
    • Must have known you in a professional capacity* for at least a year, and
    • Both referees combined must cover three (3) years of managerial/significant technical experience.

*Professional capacity means: current or previous manager, major client or an external accountant if self employed.

You may be eligible to apply for credit transfer or recognition of prior learning. Click here for further details.

Other essentials

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Unique Student Identifier (USI)

Unique Student Identifier (USI) is a unique reference number that Australian Government is extending to all higher education domestic and onshore international students, starting in 2021.

If you have undertaken any vocational education or training (even a First Aid course) since 2015 you probably already have a USI.

To find out if you already have a USI, click here: Find Your USI

To create a USI, click here: Create USI

Why do I need a USI?

The Australian Government has advised that all domestic and onshore international students require a USI to study and graduate from an Australian higher education provider. It is also required for students to be able to access Commonwealth Assistance in all forms.

The USI will replace the current Commonwealth Higher Education Student Support Number (CHESSN). If you do not provide, or AIB cannot verify your USI with the Australian Government, you may not be able to graduate or receive any form of Commonwealth Assistance. This means you will be charged the fee-paying rate, with no access to HELP loans, or you may lose your place in your program.

By 1 January 2023 all students must have a USI to receive their higher education award, unless an exemption applies.

For details about the USI process and/or privacy policies, please see the USI help page and the USI privacy page.

Tax File Number (TFN)

If you are planning to request Fee Help loan, you will be required to supply TFN. If you don’t have a TFN yet, please apply online through Australian Taxation Office website. 

When applying for a HELP loan at AIB, it is necessary to ensure that all personal details including full name, date of birth, and tax file number, exactly match those that are held with the Australian Taxation Office.

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