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The Fast-Track MBA

Designed for busy working professionals, this fully online MBA course is highly flexible and delivered with interactive, bite-sized content and personalised student support.

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Fast-Track MBA Subject

Subject Summary

Entrepreneurs are pioneers, innovators, leaders, entrapreneurs, and inventors. They’re catalysts for change that shape the competitive marketplace and can have a notable societal impact. In the ever-evolving business landscape, having the skills to envision and implement groundbreaking ideas and devise creative solutions is paramount. AIB’s Entrepreneurship MBA subject will equip you with the tools business leaders need to thrive in a disruptive, digital, and global environment. 

Studying this subject, you’ll explore the process of entrepreneurship, including the key life cycle stages of an entrepreneurial venture, strategies for growing a business, the drivers of entrepreneurial culture and the requirements for developing a resource base needed to pursue entrepreneurial initiatives. You’ll delve into contemporary entrepreneurial professional practices, gaining practical, in-depth knowledge that bridges the gap between theory and real-world application.

Over 8 weeks, your Entrepreneurship learning journey will help you to build on the behaviours, attributes, and competencies that drive entrepreneurial success. In doing so, you’ll develop skills and knowledge that will enable you to add significant social, cultural and economic value to society through entrepreneurial activity, no matter your career path. 

If you’ve got an idea you want to evaluate and possibly bring to fruition, or you want to develop your entrepreneurial skills and mindset – this subject is for you!

AIB Subject Code
QualificationsMBA (General)
MBA (Entrepreneurial Management)
AQF LevelLevel 9
Delivery100% online
Subject Length8 weeks
Start Dates2024 MBA Timetable
2025 MBA Timetable

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Subject Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this subject, you will be able to:

  • Examine contemporary entrepreneurship theory and practice to create insights  into potential entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Reflect upon, and apply contemporary entrepreneurship approaches, techniques and ethical perspectives, that develop an entrepreneur’s: leadership, mindset, capabilities and pathways to an entrepreneurial career.
  • Evaluate the external and internal environmental factors and contexts of an entrepreneurial venture to create and formulate well-informed decisions that will ensure the success of the venture.
  • Communicate entrepreneurship knowledge, skills and ideas to others clearly, persuasively and credibly.
Key Topics
  • The development of 21st Century entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial mindsets, cognition, leadership and career
  • Designing entrepreneurship from opportunity identification to business modelling
  • Lean business, funding sources and pitching
  • Planning for starting entrepreneurial ventures and strategic entrepreneurial growth.


In the Entrepreneurship MBA subject, students undergo two assessments designed to sharpen their entrepreneurial acumen and practical skills. The first is a reflective essay in which students analyse their entrepreneurial mindset, select the most suitable model to identify an entrepreneurial opportunity and pinpoint a potential opportunity. The second assessment, building upon the first, involves creating a strategic entrepreneurial plan and delivering a persuasive pitch to stakeholders. These assessments aim to cultivate critical thinking, opportunity assessment, strategic planning, and effective communication, providing a meaningful experience of the entrepreneurial process from ideation to proposition. 

Having the MBA letters after your name makes you more credible when you are going out to raise funds. With the last company, it took us 5 years to raise 20 million dollars, and this time around we are finding having an MBA is making investors far more interested.

How you will learn

100% Online MBA Learning

Our innovative Student Learning Portal is your ultimate digital resource for everything you’ll need to successfully complete this subject and your online MBA, with the flexibility to access your learning materials, videos, podcasts and other multimedia on any device. You’ll engage with fellow students and have key concepts explained by your Online Facilitators in webinars and forums.


In addition to the Student Learning Portal, the myAIB app allows you to download modules and full subjects to view offline to save your cellular data, receive notifications for assessments and webinars, listen to audio versions of modules through Soundcloud and enjoy many other useful features.

The myAIB learning portal app is available on Google play and on the Apple app store.

AIB supports your success

When you study with AIB, you’ll be supported by our skilful team of over 180 academic, student support and professional staff, who will be with you every step of your MBA journey.

Student Learning Portal

  • Our innovative Student Learning Portal provides all the resources and support you’ll need to successfully complete your MBA studies


  • Highly qualified and experienced academics
  • Practice-centric curricula, innovative learning resources and realistic assessment techniques

Study Tools

  • Access to tools you’ll need to successfully complete your degree and excel in your career including Office 365, LinkedIn Learning, Scite_, GrammarlyEDU and Endnote

Student Support

  • Dedicated student and enrolment teams
  • Supporting you with any issues big or small from orientation to graduation

Online Facilitators

  • Each class has a dedicated Facilitator (OLF) and a limit of just 50 students to ensure you’ll benefit from high levels of interaction, relationship building and learning

Wellbeing and career support

  • Access to a confidential support service providing personal counselling, wellbeing advice and career assistance

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What will I learn in the Entrepreneurship MBA subject?

In our Entrepreneurship MBA subject, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of 21st-century entrepreneurship. This includes offering fresh perspectives on developing and nurturing entrepreneurial mindsets, focusing on identifying opportunities, understanding the lifecycle of ventures, and mastering ethical strategic growth techniques. Additionally, the subject enhances your leadership skills and prepares you for an entrepreneurial career, emphasizing strategic planning and innovative thinking. 

How will AIB’s Entrepreneurship subject prepare me for future entrepreneurial ventures?

AIB’s Entrepreneurship subject is designed to prepare you for real-world entrepreneurial challenges by equipping you with scholarly, practical knowledge and a robust entrepreneurial mindset. It emphasises experiential learning to strengthen your entrepreneurial capabilities, ensuring you’re well-versed in the key stages of venture development and growth. You will learn to apply contemporary entrepreneurial techniques, reflect on ethical perspectives, and build competencies that are vital for business leaders. This holistic approach aims to enable you to add significant value to society and the economy through entrepreneurial activities.

Will Entrepreneurship be a relevant subject for me to undertake if I don’t have business ownership or startup aspirations?

Absolutely! Entrepreneurship is more than starting a new business—it’s about pioneering change and innovation in any setting. This subject provides learning opportunities that are focused on entrepreneurial supporting behaviours, attributes and competencies which have been identified as key skills for contemporary business leaders – not just business owners – across both the for-profit and the not-for-profit sectors. Students will develop skills and knowledge that enable them to add significant social, cultural and economic value to the organisations they work for and society through their understanding of entrepreneurial activity and culture.

Can I specialise my MBA in entrepreneurship?

You can! AIB offers an MBA specialisation in Entrepreneurial Management. It provides the opportunity to develop your entrepreneurial skills in the areas of digital startups, business consulting and the design of new products and services.

Learn more about the MBA (Entrepreneurial Management).

How do I apply to study Entrepreneurship?

If you’re interested in studying Entrepreneurship and the AIB MBA, get in touch with an AIB Advisor to discuss your application and timetabling. 

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