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Research Structure and Governance

Research Structure and Governance

The Australian Institute of Business (AIB) is committed to delivering excellence in research, investigating contemporary business problems and contributing directly to management practice, while meeting the highest standards of research integrity and ethical compliance.

AIB’s Research Strategic Plan aims to: (i) continue to enhance HDR courses and the research environment to place candidates at the forefront of postgraduate research innovation; and (ii) support academic staff to be active in research and scholarship and to achieve excellence in the fields in which they research and publish.

Research at AIB is supported by a range of resources including access to scholarly academic journals and industry reports, research software and research software support, research candidature orientation and academic study support. Research professional development and networking opportunities include a weekly AIB Research Seminar Series, supervisor induction, monthly supervisor hot-topic sessions, an annual research candidate conference, 3MT competition, HDR peer-mentoring program and candidate drop-in sessions. The first point of contact for all research queries and research degree candidates or applicants is the Research Team.

Research Governance Committees

Research and research training are monitored by four committees:

Academic Board 

Chair: Emeritus Professor Hilary Winchester AM 
This is the prime academic body in the governance of AIB. It is responsible for the maintenance of appropriate academic standards and the approval of academic policies. All strategic issues related to research policy and delivery are reported to the  Academic Board

Research and Higher Degrees Committee 

Chair: Professor Santina Bertone 
As one of the sub-committees of the Academic Board, the Research & Higher Degrees Committee is responsible for monitoring the progression of each research student and for developing appropriate policies. It is also empowered to determine other related research issues. 

Ethics Committee 

Chair: Associate Professor Lorna Hallahan 
In line with national protocols, this sub-committee of the Research & Higher Degrees Committee is required to evaluate each ethics application to ensure that ethical standards are adhered to. 

Research Admissions Committee 

Chair: Associate Dean (Research), Professor Gayle Morris 
As a sub-committee of the Research & Higher Degrees Committee, the Research Admissions Committee makes recommendations on and reports to the Research and Higher Degrees Committee on matters relating to research candidate admissions. 

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