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Your Student Handbook is your go-to for answers to common questions and those all-important terms and conditions. Whether you are thinking about becoming an AIB student or are already one, this handbook will guide to you the right information quickly without the run-around.

The Student Handbook is broken down into bite-sized sections to allow you to navigate to the information you need quickly, with the option to delve deeper if you need more details.

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Whilst we strive to ensure our handbook is clear and easily understood, sometimes there’s no getting away from specific terms which you may not be familiar with. To make things easier, we will provide the full name for any acronym at least once in each section and a short explanation however please feel free to head over to the Glossary for a detailed explanation.


As an organisation that continually improves and innovates, you can feel confident that you will be given reasonable notice of any change to AIB’s operations, including changes to policy and procedure, increases in fees and associated costs or any change that may affect your choice of or ability to participate in any intended course or subject. It’s important to note that these changes will apply to all students regardless of when they started their studies.

This Handbook is for students undertaking the Graduate Certificate of Management (GCM) and the Master of Business Administration (MBA). Research students should refer to the Information for Research Candidates pages for more information.