Dr. Donald Winchester


Senior Lecturer in Finance

Research and teaching specialties

Asset Pricing, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Information Systems


Dr. Donald Winchester is a Finance Lecturer and joined AIB in 2015. Donald’s research specialises in asset pricing, corporate governance and how information systems improve an organisation. His works have been published in internationally renowned business journals, including MIS Quarterly, Energy Policy and the Journal of Change Management.

Donald has practical experience with financial data provider Sirca, which provides finance, accounting and corporate governance data to universities and businesses. He has undertaken information systems security research in the Information Systems, Technology and Management School and lecturing finance subjects in the Banking and Finance School, at UNSW. He is a member of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA) and the American Finance Association. Donald has presented his work at national and international business conferences. He holds a PhD from UNSW, a Masters of Business Studies, an MBA and a Bachelor of Commerce and Management degree – all with a Finance Major.

Email: Donald.Winchester@aib.edu.au

Publications and Presentations

Refereed Book Chapters

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Refereed Articles in Scholarly Journals

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Refereed Conference Presentations

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Non-refereed Publications

Wegner, D. & Winchester, D. 2020, COVID-19: Cash is Still King, Australian Institute of Business Review, Issue: 1, Adelaide, Australia.