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We have a several study pathways available; you can study a full MBA with or without a specialisation or just start out with aiming to gain your Graduate Certificate in Management (GCM), the choice is yours! Our subjects are industry focused and are guaranteed to give you an edge in the workplace. Head to our website for information on both our MBA and our Graduate Certificate in Management pathways. Our MBA subject guide is also worth a look.


The AIB MBA is made up of 12 subjects across three awards (Graduate Certificate in Management (CGM), Graduate Diploma in Management (GDM) and the Master of Business Administration (MBA) with or without a specialisation. You can get an award along the way as you’ll be able to obtain your Graduate Certificate in Management (GCM) after successfully completing at least 4 core subjects and a Graduate Diploma in Management (GDM) after successfully completing 8 subjects, as long as at least 4 of those subjects are core subjects. In addition to the online MBA, we also deliver a Graduate Certificate in Research Methodologies, DBA, PhD and MMgt online courses.

Subjects within the MBA are split between core and electives with core subjects predominantly at AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework) level 8 and electives at AQF level 9 Each subject is 7 weeks long, and you’ll be able to refresh and reset with an in-built break between your subjects. As most of our students are working professionals, we understand the value of effective time management and provide you with access to your full subject learning material two weeks before the start of each subject, so you can get a head-start and pre-plan your studies around your family life and work commitments.

What is AQF all about?

AQF stands for Australian Qualifications Framework. The AQF levels give you an indication of the relative complexity of the subject. The higher the AQF the more complex the subject is and the greater of level of autonomy is required. If you’d like more information on AQF levels, please head to the Australian Qualifications Framework website.

Flexibility is key!

We offer 11 start dates per year, so the next start date is never far away. You can study at your own pace and take a break whenever you need. If your schedule allows you can even opt to study our fast-tracked option and complete your AIB MBA in as little as 14 months – the choice is yours!

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When studying online your equipment is key and you’ll want to ensure you have nothing standing in your way of achieving your study goal. To ensure you can access all sections of your learning material, you should ensure your equipment meets the specific requirements listed below before you start your study journey. You will also need a reasonable internet connection to take full advantage of the features and content of our online courses. This includes the ability to utilise our student learning portal to access and interact with your learning content, upload assessments and view multimedia such as videos, audio guides and podcasts (mp3).

In addition to the minimum computer requirements listed below, please also refer to the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Facilities Policy and Guidelines for Students document available on our website.

Minimum computer requirements

To get the best out of your subject content and learning experience, you’ll need

  • Access to a computer is preferred (students may use a mobile device or tablet to access learning materials, however, not all features may be accessible through older devices), and
  • Any operating system supporting the following browsers (current version and up to three most recent versions): Chrome, Firefox, Safari (excluding Safari on Windows), and Microsoft Edge, and
  • Reliable internet connection.

    myAIB App

    Download the myAIB app to study on-the-go…

    Through the myAIB app, you can:

    • Download subject learning material for offline viewing
    • Listen to podcast, audio and video content wherever you are
    • Keep up with discussions with quick forum check-ins
    • Manage your study calendar and see what deadlines are coming up.
    • Pop-up reminders so you never miss a deadline again

    A list of our current subjects can be found within the MBA subject guide, which is available on our website. This guide provides an overview of each subject and lists any pre-requisites which you will need to study prior to undertaking the latter subject. Alternatively, head to our MBA Master timetable for a list of subjects.

    The important points:

    • You will need to undertake all core subjects (unless you’re granted a subject exemption) before attempting any elective subjects; this will give you a well-rounded foundation on which to build.
    • If you undertake a generalist MBA, you have the flexibility to choose any of the available elective subjects that suit your area of expertise or interest.
    • If you undertake a specialised MBA, your subjects will be set for you, to ensure you have the widest breadth of study to meet the demands of that specialised area.
    • Once you’ve selected your subjects, it’s really important to check your timetable thoroughly so that you graduate with your desired award.
    • To ensure we keep up with industry trends, our subjects are regularly updated. If this happens, we will let you know well in advance what impact this will have on your study plans and if an alternative is appropriate.

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    You can complete your Master of Business Administration (MBA) in as little as 14 months or your Graduate Certificate in Management (GCM) in as little as 8 months. Our subjects are delivered over 7 weeks and you also get a week’s break between each subject to recharge and reset.

    There are a few things to note that may affect how quickly you can complete your studies:

    • Your entry pathway
    • the subjects you choose and how regularly they are offered on the timetable,
    • your ability to study concurrent subjects,
    • any pre-requisites or prior assumed knowledge subjects that you will be required to complete,
    • if you need to re-take or re-enrol into any subjects or
    • if you have taken a break or withdraw from any subjects.

    One of the perks of studying with AIB is that you can decide how fast or slow you want to complete your studies and you can also factor in breaks at specific times of the year like Christmas or during the summer – you have complete flexibility to plan your subjects to suit your situation.

    If you’d like more information about how quickly you can complete your course, based on your personal circumstances, please contact a member of our team.

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    You can change your specialisation at any time throughout the enrolment process; just select this option in the enrolment tracker.

    Most students study a generalised MBA as this provides the flexibility to tailor your subjects according to your area of business or interest. However, we do offer several specialised MBA pathways where the optimal subjects have already been selected to ensure you walk away with in-depth knowledge and wide-ranging experience. If you study a specialised MBA, this will be noted on your award and parchment. Our specialisations are:

    • MBA (Finance)
    • MBA (Marketing)
    • MBA (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)
    • MBA (Human Resources Management)
    • MBA (Entrepreneurial Management)

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    To obtain a Graduate Certificate in Management (GCM), you will need to have successfully completed at least 4 core subjects. To be eligible to obtain a Graduate Diploma in Management (GDM) you will need to have successfully completed 8 subjects (which must include at least 4 core subjects).

    Timing is everything!

    If you are enrolled into the MBA and are applying for a Graduate Certificate of Management or Graduate Diploma of Management as a nested award (i.e. you will be continuing with the program), the timing of your request is crucial as you will only be issued with the award you are eligible for, at the time of the Award Approval cut-off date. This means that if you request your Graduate Certificate in Management (GCM) but as of the Award Approval cut-off date you are eligible for a higher award (Graduate Diploma in Management (GDM)), then you will be issued with that higher award (GDM).

    All Award cut-off dates are listed within the AIB award approval cut-off dates document, available on our website.

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    3. Is there a cost to apply for my parchment and academic transcript?

    Your subject fee provides full access to your learning material, the learning portal and any associated multimedia for example videos and audio files. In general, the only cost you’ll need to consider in addition to the subject fee, is the cost of your subject specific textbooks. Otherwise, the only other items that carry an additional charge are as follows:

    • A non-refundable application fee for all international, offshore applicants (effective for applications submitted on or after 1 January 2022). This fee is listed in the Application Terms and Conditions relevant to your area,
    • Requesting a re-mark for an assessment if you’ve already passed that assessment, and
    • Requesting a parchment and transcript for a nested award, where you are continuing with your course.

    Keeping the additional study related costs low

    It is useful to point out that not all subjects require you to purchase a textbook. Head to our textbook list for more details.

    Many of our students and alumni also sell their textbooks, via the AIB MBA Textbook Marketplace Facebook group

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