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AIB Symposium – Rethinking Reproductive Leave Policies

Starting from 9.30am, this hybrid symposium will cover the impact of reproductive health transitions on women’s careers.

Date 01/12/2023 Time 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Symposium Hybrid

Join us for engaging talks and roundtable discussions on “Reproductive Leave Policies and Practices and Women’s Career”

Our symposium will cover the impact of reproductive health transitions on women’s careers. We will explore challenges and opportunities in building inclusive workplaces that prioritise reproductive health choices and promote gender equity.


Date: 1st December 2023

Time: 9.30am – 4.30pm

Location: Australian Institute of Business, 1 King William Street, Adelaide, SA 5000

Click here for the symposium agenda

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are provided for guests in attendance. To advise of any dietary requirements and for any enquires please email: mahan.zadeh@aib.edu.au

Specifically in this symposium, we’ll focus on challenges women face in balancing their reproductive health needs with their professional careers, delayed entry into the workforce, balancing work with caregiving, workplace discrimination and bias, occupational segregation, lack of support systems, and long-term career implications. The symposium will also examine entitlements focusing on menstrual and menopause leave legislation.

Legislation on reproductive health transitions, including menopause, menstrual paid leave, and paid Leave in the event of a miscarriage, has significant gaps in industrialised nations like Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, affecting women’s career progression. A plenary session will feature guests from unions, state government and industry experts. The session aims to increase awareness and understanding of the challenges women face in balancing reproductive health and career advancement, potentially leading to legislative changes.

This symposium aims to facilitate dialogue and knowledge sharing and propose legislative changes by examining the intersection of industrial relations and reproductive health. We have invited academic experts, government officials, union representatives, and industry professionals to provide insights and recommendations for informed policymaking.

Topics to be discussed at the Symposium include:

  • The challenges women face in balancing reproductive health and professional careers, including delayed entry into the workforce, difficulties in career advancement, and workplace discrimination.
  • Regulatory approaches to women’s career advancement during reproductive health transitions, such as menopause and menstrual leave.
  • Organisational challenges and opportunities in building inclusive workplaces prioritising reproductive health choices and promoting gender equity.
  • The advocacy of trade unions in enshrining industrial protections during the reproductive health transitions.
  • Practical recommendations for how employers can support employees during their reproductive health transitions.

Keynote Address: 

  • Associate Professor Elizabeth Hill | University of Sydney
  • Mary Crooks AO | Executive Director, Victorian Women’s Trust


  • Sydney Colussi | Co-convenor of The University of Sydney Body@Work Project
  • Jessica Heron | Employment and Industrial Lawyer at Maurice Blackburn
  • Professor Rebecca Mitchell | Macquarie University
  • Dr. Rachael Potter | Research Fellow for Justice and Society at UNISA
  • Dr. Terri MacDonald | Director of Policy and Research with the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU)
  • Vicki Doherty GAICD, Executive Director, Australasian Menopause Society

To read the full speaker bios and more about the symposium, please download the brochure. A full program with the agenda will be circulated shortly.

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