Liam French

Logistics specialist Liam studied an MBA to give him a more holistic understanding of business, and results in the depth of knowledge needed to look at things from a strategic angle.

  • Location:
    New South Wales
  • Industry:
    Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics
  • Job Function:
    Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Programme:
  • Motivation:
    Develop knowledge and skills Broader Business Knowledge
  • Challenges:
    Balance and Time Management
  • Year of Graduation:

A lot of our students struggle with time commitments and the high demands of studying an MBA, how did you make it work?

I think in terms of time commitment, it’s really what you want to achieve. If you find the right motivator, if you find you work towards your end goal, it’s really easy to work backwards and go, “You know, that’s the motivation I need to succeed or to make the time commitment work.”

Why did you decide to study an MBA?

I decided to study an MBA because I just came out of some traditional academic study, and while it was great and specific to my role, I really wanted to have this opportunity to look more holistically at the business and have those skill sets to look at – compliance or marketing etc.

Did you tap into the networking opportunities or student communities through AIB?

In terms of networking, it doesn’t matter if it’s online or in person, you’ve gotta want to network. I was very fortunate with some Skype groups, some Facebook groups that we found–a really tight small group and we were able to really help each other and support each other, no different than you would in a traditional space.

Where do you see this MBA taking you?

The MBA, for me, wasn’t so much about the piece of paper, it was more about the subjects I was able to study and what I could take from them and apply them directly into my business. What’s great about the AIB MBA is that each subject was relevant to something at my workplace and I could apply it directly, rather than something that was esoterical, off to the side

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